Xiaomi does not stop in the development of its custom layer, even though the stable version of MIUI 12 is already on its way to its first mobiles. This is confirmed in the Chinese beta of MIUI, the alleged version 12.1: The software has introduced a good number of changes, both aesthetic and privacy.

Perhaps your Xiaomi does not yet have MIUI 12, but most likely, that is about to change; at least if it is fairly recent: the brand is expanding the update of its layer to more international models. The second wave officially started with the Poco F2 Pro. And while, in China, Xiaomi continues to advance the development of said MIUI 12 in beta while introducing new features that were not included in the first version. These are not exaggerated changes, but they do revitalize the appearance and use of the cape.

Secure keyboard, redesigned app vault and more

Miui 12 News Left, secure keyboard: right, new design of the app vault. Tech in deep images

The development of MIUI 12 does not rest even if the stable version is already in the process of updating. From the west we cannot test those changes since Xiaomi reserves them for the Chinese beta (you can always test the ROM after unlocking the bootloader), but we always end up getting news of the news. As is the case of the called MIUI version 12.1.

As Tech in deep highlighted after testing the latest Chinese beta of MIUI, Xiaomi continues to add news despite the fact that MIUI 12 stable is already a huge leap from the previous version, MIUI 11. Among the novelties to come are the following:

  • New animations for fingerprint unlock. Indicated for those mobiles that include a scanner under the screen.
  • Secure keyboard. The numeric keypad can randomly change the order of the keys to make it much more difficult to capture PINs and passwords.
Miui 12 News Always On Display items can be disabled
  • Configurable Always On Display elements. The next version of MIUI 12 will allow you to choose which elements of the Always On Display appear. Notifications, steps, battery …
  • The control center receives improvements for the date and time, also 3D animations for the main settings.
  • The App Vault receives a redesign. The filtered aspect is very similar to the iOS widgets.
  • New loading animations.
  • Option to delete screenshot after sharing.
  • New camera and gallery options.
Miui 12 News Tabs for accessibility options
  • Accessibility settings divided by sections.
  • More customization options for Super Wallpapers and new locations.
  • Improvements in the display of notifications when swiping with a finger.
  • And many more aesthetic improvements, updates to Android security patches and changes within Xiaomi’s own applications.

All these MIUI news are currently in the Chinese beta of MIUI 12, so there is still time for us to receive them internationally and in the stable version. If you want to try them as soon as possible, the best way is to keep up with the Xiaomi.eu ROMs.

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