Dailymotion has just announced a global agreement with Huawei to integrate within Huawei Video, the platform of the Chinese alternative company to YouTube and Netflix. The move makes sense in a scenario of impeding use in the face of Google’s mobile services, which forces Huawei to look for solutions outside of this ecosystem of applications.

This movement will allow the Huawei Video platform to have a greater volume of content, which will reach the application thanks to Dailymotion’s own API. Similarly, the strategy will benefit Huawei at the monetization level, as indicated in the statement.

Dailymotion as an alternative to YouTube content and other platforms

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Huawei Video is a hybrid between YouTube and VOD platforms (video on demand). The service already integrated content from giants like Rakuten TV and Filmin, now joining Dailymotion. To put in context, Dailymotion has with a base of 300 million users according to the company itself, distributing content related to sports, news, fashion, video game broadcasts and all kinds of content.

Dailymotion technology will be integrated into Huawei Video: this will imply more content, player level improvements and monetization advantages for the Huawei platform

How will Dailymotion be integrated into Huawei terminals? Through the Huawei Video platform, an existing application integrated into the devices of the Chinese company. Apart from including content from the platform, the agreement with Dailymotion implies improvements at the level of the video player itself. That is, the movement is not only at the content level, but also to integrate Dailymotion’s own technology within the Huawei application.

“We are delighted to offer our Huawei Video service so that people around the world can easily browse thousands of available videos and movies from our partners, including Dailymotion, anywhere, anytime. We are committed to offering more choice to consumers. We also hope that it brings some joy to all of your lives at this time. “

In the agreement no specific dates are given on the integration of this technology in Huawei Video. However, the move becomes important as it shows the interest of Huawei in wanting to improve its alternative solutions to Google applications through alliances with large players.

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