The design of the Google Pixel 5 has just been completely leaked. Pigtou has published what he claims are renderings based on Google’s official CADs, which show a design line quite similar to what we saw last year. So much so that many may want to see certain jumps that the Google Pixel 4 was crying out for.

Frames taken advantage of, although not to the maximum, a large module with only two cameras and a new fingerprint reader at the rear. This will be the design of the Google Pixel 5, according to the leaked information.

Design inherited from Pixel 4 for the new model

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According to Pigtou, the renders they have leaked are based on the final CAD of the Pixel 5. At the dimensional level, we are talking about a fairly small mobile, specifically about 14.4 centimeters high, 7 wide and 8 thick. Camera protrudes 1.5mm, with a fairly prominent module, despite housing only two cameras.

Despite having only two cameras, the module is still quite large. At the thickness level we talk about 1.5mm, a considerable figure

If we look at the phone from behind, we see that the design is very similar to that of the Pixel 4, with the fingerprint reader on the top, camera module, the Google G in the lower-middle part and, according to Pigtou, the finish it will be in glass. In the bottom we see the USB type C port and the speakers, with no trace of the headphone jack.

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In front we find a small hole in the screen in the upper left corner, something that will finally allow the Google Pixel to not have a large upper frame or a gigantic notch, as it happened in the Pixel 3 and 3 XL. At least in the renders the design seems quite symmetrical and with well-used edges, although somewhat thick. However, it is not usual to see an Android without a lower chin, so Google would have managed to solve this challenge.

At the level of specifications there is nothing confirmed, but they are expected a Snapdragon 765 processor and a 5.78-inch OLED screen with Quad HD resolution. Regarding the presentation of the device, for the moment, Google has not given official information.

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