Quick settings are a great way to turn things on and off on an Android phone. With the system come the basics such as Wi-Fi, data, rotation, airplane mode or Wi-Fi but if they fall short you can always create your own. Quick Settings is a simple app with 53 quick settings that you can add to your mobile.

From Android Marshmallow it is possible to customize the quick settings and from Android Nougat third-party applications can add their own settings. This is exactly what Quick Settings does, with all kinds of curious ideas like a dice thrower, a counter, multimedia control, reminders and more.

More Quick Settings for Android

Android Quick Settings Aren’t Set in Stone: The Different Layers of Android and the Different Versions of Android include different buttons. For example, years ago it was normal to have one to activate or deactivate the synchronization, something that is no longer available in the most recent mobiles. The good news is that if you are missing a quick adjustment, it is quite possible that you can bring it back with the appropriate application.

More actions for the volume buttons of your mobile with this practical application

There are several applications with which you can create custom quick settings, but you may be more interested in a ready-to-use solution, without effort on your part. Quick Settings offers you for it 53 out-of-the-box quick settings. Some are settings that already exist on Android and may be missing from your mobile. Others are quite original.


After installing the application, the settings are not all active, which is appreciated because otherwise it would be a big mess. Instead, you should go to the setting you want to use, tap on it, and tap Enable tile. This will make it available when you edit the list of available settings, but you will need to keep dragging it to its location manually.

The application classifies the quick settings into seven categories, one of which collects those that need the mobile to be rooted. You can also see the full list at List all. The different categories are as follows:

  • Utilities. Little tools that work as quick adjustments. Available settings are Battery, Night Screen Filter, Caffeine, Dice, Internet Speed, Smart Reminder, Screenshot, Split Screen, and Counter.

  • Shortcuts. You can use it to open applications from the Android Quick Settings. Five of these settings are customizable, in addition to the shortcut to set an alarm, the calculator, camera, a specific contact, the lock screen, and the notification history.

  • Multimedia. It includes the shortcuts to broadcast the screen, listen to music through the internal speaker (such as when making calls), change the music volume, play and pause, change the ringer mode, and open the volume panel.

  • System (without root). System settings that do not need root. Among them are brightness, automatic brightness, access point, select input method, mobile data type, NFC, rotation, screen timeout, sync, vibrate on calls, and VPN.

  • System (root only). These settings need your mobile to be rooted. They are: mono audio, mobile data, set density, LED notification, reboot, and show touches.

  • Developer options. Three one-touch developer options: ADB, ADB over LAN, and animations.

In our tests, the settings have all worked well, although its author advises that he has problems with Chinese ROMs that do not include the appropriate API and needs at least MIUI 10 to work on Xiaomi mobiles.


Every time you tap on the dice icon, it changes its value randomly

Some of the settings show information directly, as is the case with the die setting: each time you tap on it, its value changes. Others are shortcuts to open a specific application or function, such as calculator or camera. Finally, others rely on notifications to show information, such as Internet speed.

As a tool, Quick Settings is very useful for recover quick settings that might be missing from your mobile and add some extra function to this always accessible panel. The app has ads, although you won’t see them during day-to-day use of the settings you create.

Quick Settings

Quick Settings

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