Google not only develops its own phones, it also collaborates in the creation of other devices, such as the JioPhone Next. East smartphone, anticipated for months as the “world’s cheapest 4G Android”, is already official in India. And in the end it has not turned out to be the cheapest; as much as it is super economical.

The JioPhone Next story started with a collaboration between Google and Reliance Industries, a multinational multinational company that also owns an Indian telephone operator, Jio. The challenge faced by both companies was the creation of a Android mobile that was a smartphone, that offered everything usual in these phones and that also included 4G. The essential premise was established in the price, a guideline that the JioPhone Next has finally met. About.

Android with its own layer created by Google

Jiophone Next

Since the phone was aimed at the cheapest possible segment, and the JioPhone Next needed to offer as complete an experience as possible, work developing the device has spanned several months. After several announcements it has finally become official, as Google itself has communicated.

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The JioPhone Next is a smartphone with all of the law, although in line with what we could consider as a basic telephone. The hardware is at that economic height, also the design. And the software itself: Google has created a specific layer on Android (in principle Android Go) which he has named as Pragati OS.

Said Pragati OS maintains superior mobile features such as Google Assistant, its translation functions and Google Lens. It includes the Google camera in its basic version and without dispensing with portrait, night and automatic HDR modes. In addition, Google ensures that it will update Pragati OS frequently to give more guarantees to Indian buyers.

The JioPhone Next is a mobile with a 13-megapixel rear camera equipped with autofocus, offers an 8-megapixel front sensor (also with autofocus), equips 3,500 mAh battery, a 5.45-inch screen with HD + resolution, 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB of storage and a Snapdragon 215 processor, among other hardware elements.

Jiophone Next

In the end, it is not the cheapest Android in the world, but it certainly comes close: the JioPhone Next will be available in India on November 4 at a price of 74.61 euros to change, 6,499 Indian rupees.

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