OPPO continues to expand its catalog and bring more and more models to Europe in a clear attempt to snatch market share from the main rivals who occupy a position with him among the top five in the world. Of his latest arrivals stand out series A phones, Average and economic lines with good construction and results among which is the OPPO A91 that now brings us here.

A new device from the Chinese firm that lies on our analysis table with the difficulty of overcoming, or at least equaling, large copies of its catalog such as the OPPO A5 2020 and OPPO A9 2020. The model is planted here with a brain signed by MediaTek and a 4,025 mAh battery that, as we will see now, gives more than it seems to promise.

OPPO A91, the technical specifications

OPPO A91 review



6.4-inch AMOLED
20: 9 ratio
FullHD + at 2,400 x 1,080 pixels
Water drop notch
430 nits
Gorilla Glass 5


Helium P70 at 2.1GHz
GPU Mali G72 MP3


8GB / 128GB
Micro SD


Android 9
ColorOS 6.1


48 megapixel f / 1.8
8 megapixel f / 2.2 super wide angle
2 megapixel f / 2.4 macro
2 megapixel f / 2.4 black and white


16 megapixel f / 2.0


4,025 mAh
20W VOOC 3.0 Quick Charge


4G Dual
WiFi 6
Bluetooth 4.2
USB Type-C
Headphone jack
FM Radio


On-screen fingerprint reader


160.2 x 73.3 x 7.9 mm
172 grams of weight


299 euros on Amazon

OPPO A91 - Smartphone 6.4

OPPO A91 – 6.4 “AMOLED Smartphone, 8GB, 128GB, Octa-core, 48 + 8 + 2 + 2 MP rear camera, 16 MP front camera, 4,000 mAh, Android 9, Black

Sobriety and durability in a design we already know

OPPO A91 review

Nowadays it is very complex to differentiate yourself in a market that navigates in waters in which everything resembles each other, especially because of the large screens that flood the front and allow little customization. But OPPO has found a design line to follow and it is respecting it in all its models, to the point that it is difficult to even separate them from each other unless we look at the rear impressions of them.

OPPO begins to leave its mark in an increasingly recognizable design

Despite everything, this OPPO A91 offers recognizable lines that we already have in other models of the company. We are facing a compact phone despite its 16 centimeters in height that remains at 172 grams, mainly thanks to a thickness of 7.9 millimeters that may sacrifice some battery but that leaves us a comfortable and comfortable grip on the phone. We are talking about a phone built in plastic despite having a front protected by Gorilla Glass 5, so everything is adding up.

OPPO A91 review

As in previous models of the brand, the OPPO A91 copes well with the fingerprints despite having a dark blue model in hand that would have made them stand out. Anyway, if someone wants to add cleanliness and durability to the phone we have a transparent silicone case included in the box that adds thickness but improves resistance. As for the button configuration, nothing strange around here though, and this is noteworthy, the headphone jack is where it should be: at the bottom of the phone.

OPPO A91 review

We got to the screen and stumbled upon a large 6.4-inch AMOLED panel that not only resists traces well but also does the same in direct sunlight. Its 430 nits are not exactly crazy but the phone handles well in all situations and we have good viewing angles, showing us that we fly above, although not too far from, the low ranges of the market. As for the resolution, its FullHD + leaves us playing over 400 pixels per inch, offering sharpness without sacrificing autonomy or performance.

With this screen and this sound we will enjoy games and movies alike

Before going on to talk about performance, we would like to highlight the phone, another point in which OPPO begins to stand out above its competition. Not only do we find this OPPO A91 with a powerful speaker, but it also moves away from the distortions of its price line. Perhaps an extra bass point would have been appreciated to round off the experience but we will certainly enjoy videos and video games on it. AND if we have quality headphones, everything rises for the good management of the audio through the 3.5 mm connector.

A well-inflated mid-range of steroids

OPPO A91 review

OPPO is gradually becoming a powerful ally of MediaTek, and in this A91 we find a Helio P70 running at 2.1GHz supported by a generous amount of both RAM and internal memory. 8GB for the first and 128GB for the second, sufficient quantities to offer an experience of use above the average of its range, although now we will see the results offered.

From the outset we find a phone that performs better than expected to be a Helio P70, although OPPO usually squeezes the processors that it selects to the maximum, especially thanks to a fairly polished layer that hardly overloads the equipment. In this OPPO A91 we find a fluid phone in everything we do on a daily basis, with fast, loose handling of multitasking even when it comes to switching between apps and heavy games.

We leave you with the benchmarks.

OPPO A91 review


OPPO A5 2020






Helium P70

Snapdragon 665

Exynos 9610

Snapdragon 665

Snapdragon 665

Kirin 710


8 GB













GEEKBENCH 5.0 (single / multi)

297 / 1,327

312 / 1,306

347 / 1,338

310 / 1,329

308 / 1,341

317 / 1,282

3D MARK (Sling Shot)














We did not expect a very high performance in the case of a brain of this caliber, but the truth is that the Helio P70 of the OPPO A71 has been able even with quite demanding games such as Asphalt or Call of Duty, although reducing the quality of the graphics so as not to suffer more than necessary. At some specific moment we have noticed some drop in frames but it has not been sustained, although it is clear that if we press the phone excessively, it will suffer.

The Helio P70 is still a mid-range chip but the RAM gives it a nice boost in fluency

We got to the battery and although “only” we have 4,000 mAh (other models of the brand already use to mount internal batteries of 5,000 mAh and even more), the autonomy we obtain is high compared to what we expected on paper. During the tests we have not dropped from 7 hours of screen use, and at specific moments we have exceeded 8 hours. In addition, we have a 20W fast charge, so recovering 100% of the charge is approximately an hour and a half.

OPPO A91 review OPPO A91 measurements with one and two days of use

We do not want to abandon the performance section without remembering the presence of the fingerprint reader Located under the screen, which has given us only a couple of identification errors in a large number of total unlocks. There is no doubt that the readers under the screen have evolved a lot from the first generations and in this OPPO A91 we come across a fast and very efficient one. And in case you need other security factors we can also resort to facial unlocking, which is also quite fast.

Four rear cameras that could well be three

OPPO A91 review

It is increasingly common for us to find multiple camera systems with three or four sensors in the mid-range of the market, and in this OPPO A91 we find the second case. A 48-megapixel main camera, a super-wide-angle 8-megapixel secondary, one with a 2-megapixel macro lens, and a final camera, one with a 2-megapixel black-and-white sensor. And of the four, at least one is left over. As usual, it is the macro sensor, although now we will see it in more detail.

We can start talking about the camera software of this OPPO A91 although little or nothing varies compared to other phones of the brand. We have almost everything at hand although with the access to the wide angle too camouflaged, but that also shows it on the screen. The HDR mode helps in some aspects although it is usually too pronounced and we cannot graduate it, inviting us to use it at specific moments and forgetting it in the rest of the photography. A functional and quite intuitive app, always with nuances.

OPPO A91 review The classic OPPO A91 camera app from ColorOS

Rare is the manufacturer that does not take quality photographs when we are in the presence of abundant light, and the OPPO A91 is no exception in this regard. The focus is fast, as well as the shooting, and we obtain vivid colors without over-saturating, very sharp edges and, in general, a very smooth processing that does not paste the colors and allows us to zoom relatively easily. 48 megapixels well used in this regard.

OPPO A91 review In good light, the OPPO A91 focuses very fast and displays sharp edges and vivid colors without going overboard, plus a pretty good dynamic range.

When the light disappears, the OPPO A91 cannot help but prove that it is a mid-range phone and the much-feared noise appears. Yes, this noise appears a little later on the count and lets us take pretty good quality pictures until conditions get really bad. Focus and shooting speed, however, suffer equally. We did not have a mobile for documentary photography at night, but it is certainly not adapted to more extreme conditions.

OPPO A91 review At night the quality falls and the noise appears, although with a little patience and a good pulse we can obtain quality photographs

As usual, in the OPPO A91 we have Selective blur with Portrait mode And the phone treatment of the edges when separating the layers is quite good. It suffers little even with complex edges although it puts perhaps too many drawbacks (through messages on the screen) with the closeness that we have to have in front of the object to be photographed. But if we are already accustomed to the process, we will achieve blurs even when the phone recommends us to move away.

OPPO A91 review Portrait mode solves even complex edge situations well

It’s time to talk about the secondary camera, the one with the super wide-angle lens, and here we come across a nice treatment of curved edges of the photographs. Smoothed but without completely disappearing, and without aberrant effects in shapes, colors or lighting. A good camera that, however, could be more intuitively accessed in the camera software of this OPPO A91. A factor to correct for a good camera to accompany the main one.

OPPO A91 review With the wide angle we can obtain very nice results, especially if we add HDR

We got to macro photography and this is where the OPPO A91’s multiple camera limps more than the bill. The lens allows us to get up to 4 centimeters from the objects to be photographed but the 2 megapixel resolution is insufficient to be able to do something with the photographs other than publishing them on social networks. In addition, the focus is somewhat erratic and we find it difficult to select the point to focus, since the bokeh The natural lens is too pronounced and it is easy to get blurry or poorly focused pictures. With this resolution, a sensor that is left in the equation.

OPPO A91 review The macro lens is the one that leaves us most doubts because the focus is not easy and it is easy to have blurred areas very close to the focus point

We did not mention the last camera because it is a 2 megapixel monochrome sensor for light capture, so its function is to help the rest of the sensors. As for the selfies, remarkable without reaching the outstanding. Good edges and color when we have good light, noise and somewhat erratic focus when everything is darkening. No complaints regarding the portrait effect by software, because we also have it and it performs at the level of that offered by the rear cameras.

OPPO A91 review Good selfies in virtually every situation, and a well-measured software Portrait mode

In general, the OPPO A91 has a camera that offers a better experience than on paper. We have a good main camera, a good super wide-angle camera, a black and white camera whose help is noticeable when the light falls, and a macro camera that, frankly, seems to be superfluous in this configuration. The front camera complies in almost every way, although we will not be impressed by the results. Remarkable.

OPPO A91, the opinion of Xataka Android

OPPO A91 review

OPPO is gradually specializing in producing medium ranges that, while not turning any of its features into the spearhead of the market, are quite round in terms of construction, experience and performance. The OPPO A91 is a new example of this and in it we find a phone that performs better than expected with a memory package that can perfectly opt for the purchase on your side when facing a good part of your competition.

Without being brilliant at anything, the OPPO A91 is really balanced and competitive

We have a sober but recognizable design, a solid and comfortable phone in hand and that it seems resistant that also behaves well in terms of dirt. The battery is not spectacular but it exceeds the average, especially thanks to its fast charge, and the camera equipment behaves well in practically all situations. The presence of the additional sensor in black and white improves the photographs and that is a point in its favor.

Considering that we talk about a phone that sells in the range of 250 to 300 euros, the OPPO A91 is really competitive and can perfectly be the smartphone of those seeking balance and good performance at a reasonable price, without sacrificing any features to achieve it. Following this path, OPPO still has a lot to grow in these price ranges.








In favor

  • The screen is pretty good in almost all situations
  • We not only have good autonomy, but also a fast fast charge
  • OPPO knows how to build medium ranges, there is no doubt


  • The macro camera contributes very little to this configuration
  • Android 9 Pie in 2020 no please

The terminal has been loaned for testing by OPPO. Can inquire our policy of relationships with enterprises.

OPPO A91 - Smartphone 6.4

OPPO A91 – 6.4 “AMOLED Smartphone, 8GB, 128GB, Octa-core, 48 + 8 + 2 + 2 MP rear camera, 16 MP front camera, 4,000 mAh, Android 9, Black

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