Improve security It has been one of the axes in the evolution of the different secretarial layers for a long time, just as Google does the same with the central part of the operating system. Samsung has put a lot of effort into developing Knox over the years and recently took several steps forward with the introduction of the Secure Element on board the Galaxy S20.

Now, the Korean manufacturer is making progress again in terms of security, although this time focused on software thanks to two new features introduced in its proprietary layer, OneUI. The two improvements, with the name of ‘AltZLife Features’ They initially arrive in India but will soon expand to the rest of the countries where the eastern constructor operates.

Private mode for apps and security tips

Safe Element

The Samsung Galaxy A71 and Samsung Galaxy A51 have been the first to have access to the new security improvements through an update that is already on the street in the Ganges country. The improvements are not a step forward in the numbering of OneUI but are incorporated into the rest of characteristics of the layer in the security section.

The first of the improvements is what Samsung has called ‘Quick Switch’ or, we assume, ‘Quick switch’. The upgrade consists of the arrival of a private mode for installed apps on the mobile phone, in the purest style of the incognito mode of many web browsers that we may have nearby or in use.

Private mode for apps and an AI that tracks sensitive files

Pressing the power button twice quickly in any application, we will switch between the normal use mode and the private use mode. It has not yet been specified which accesses are restricted In this private use mode, nor if all the apps installed on the system will be able to access it, so we will have to wait for the feature to become international, leaving India and allowing us to test it.

The other security improvement has to do with the system’s Secure Folder. Samsung has introduced suggestions in OneUI, so that the system can detect which files are more sensitive and should be protected inside the Secure Folder, offering us to move them there with a single touch on the screen. These suggestions will be governed by an artificial intelligence that will be in charge of notifying us in case of detecting something to protect that is unprotected.

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