We are going to tell you how to customize an Android mobile in a fairly minimalist way. Fortunately, no need to install more than a few apps and a few minutes of patience to have a deep and clean customization on your mobile.

In order to apply these settings, all we need is a custom launcher. In our case we have used Nova Launcher, the best known and used in Android. However, you can use any launcher that lets you change the icon pack.

The first step, a launcher

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As we have advanced to you, to change the mobile icons you need a launcher. Our recommendation is Nova Launcher, the most popular launcher on Android. However, we can choose the one we want. Nor is it bad to check if our launcher lets you change the icons, since there are some layers of customization that allow it.

Personalization with Lines

Lines Icons1

We have seen the first desktop that we are going to show you through Oliver Nabani on Twitter, a user who has configured his desktop in a pretty minimalist and pretty way. The key in this set up it’s simplicity both at the level of icons and the color palette chosen in the wallpaper. The wallpaper the user himself has shared it and the icon pack that has been used is called Lines Free, downloadable from the Google Play Store.

Personalization with Charcoal

Personalization 21

This second desktop is a proposal by Amparo Babiloni, director of Xataka Android and Xataka Móvil. In this case, the Charcoal icon pack has been used and the wallpaper can be downloaded from here. This desk is somewhat more colorful, although it bets on a pack of icons also in black and white, with a fairly flat appearance.

Personalization with Delta


This customization, also by Amparo Babiloni, is also quite colorful, but still very minimalist. In this case the icon labels have been removed so there is no text on the panel, just the icons. The app grid is 4 and the dock is 5. All this can be easily configured in the appearance settings in Nova Launcher, since there are dedicated aspects for it. The icon pack is Delta and the wallpaper can be downloaded from here in high quality.

Personalization with Appstract


For this configuration we have opted for a curious pack of icons called Appstract, which turns application icons into curious drawings. For this icon pack we have used a light yellow color, but any other pastel color is valid. To find these backgrounds you just have to go to Google and write the flat color you want. Icon labels have been removed.

Personalization with Meeyo


At the end of the article, we go with a specially designed customization for mobiles with AMOLED screens. We have looked for a background where black predominates so that a good part of the pixels is off, something that will allow us to save some battery. The background can be downloaded in high quality from Walli (it is in the list of the most popular) and the icon pack is called Meeyo. In this case we have removed the labels, but we can leave them if we want, since they make a lot of contrast with the black.

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