Samsung’s strategy regarding wireless charging would have changed according to the latest leaks: if it were an exclusive element of the highest range of phones would also be included in the mid-range. The next Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A70 would be the first to include it.

Until now Samsung has markedly differentiated its highest range of mid-range smartphones by incorporating certain hardware components only in the most expensive phones. One of these components is wireless charging, an appreciated feature that only the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note have. This would change in the first quarter of 2021 as the leaks suggest that the Galaxy A50 and Galaxy A70 range would be renewed, finally including wireless charging.

The Galaxy A50 and A70 of 2021 would have wireless charging

Samsung Wireless Charging

We still do not know what the denominations of both ranges will be next 2021 (surely Samsung Galaxy A52 and Galaxy A72), we do know the change in strategy that the brand would consider applying to its smartphone catalog. Because, if the manufacturer’s mid-range has been mounting improvements to the ‘premium’ range, such as the multiple cameras and the fingerprint sensor under the screen, why not also carry wireless charging?

The leak comes from the Korean media outlet The Elec, a media outlet specialized in news related to electronic components, their manufacturing and also their distribution. According to The Elec, Samsung plans to introduce wireless charging in its mid-range relying on the manufacturers that usually uses to integrate that component in the Galaxy S and Note. Hansol Technics would be one of those suppliers, also the manufacturers Amotech and Chemtronics, the three specialized in wireless charging modules. These companies are the usual suppliers of Samsung and have integrated their components in previous ranges, as in the Samsung Galaxy S20.

The move would come to reinforce a mid-range in which Samsung has more and more competition. And since this price range not used to integrating wireless charging, an element of the high-end, that the Galaxy A have this feature, would be a very competitive value for the brand. We will have to wait for next year to check it out.

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