With the Auto Cursor app you can reach with your finger to any area of ​​the screen thanks to its extendable cursor. It is perfect to use the phone with one hand, even if the screen is large.

Getting to the top of the screen of most current mobiles is impossible, at least if it is used with one hand. With a increasing diagonal to almost tablet format, applications like Auto Cursor facilitate the use of the phone thanks to including a comfortable pointer that is activated with a gesture. Practical, versatile and very useful: this application solves the inconvenience of use with large screens.

Auto Cursor is a comfortable one-handed pointer

Auto Cursor 1 The upper cursor moves by dragging the lower touch circle

The idea behind the application is that you have a extension of your finger to reach any area of ​​the screen as if you were really touching her. For this, Auto Cursor uses a pointer that is handled by moving your finger across the bottom of the phone. This can open applications, close them and make use of their content, all with one year and in a comfortable way, without risk of the phone falling into sleep.

Auto Cursor adds functionality to almost any Android device that was previously available on Samsung smartphones with the One Hand Operation app. In fact it is very similar: a cursor that is controlled with the finger to reach any area of ​​the screen, no matter how large its dimensions. Yes, Auto Cursor offers a fair amount of customization possibilities: From the trigger areas to activate the pointer to the option of elaborating actions with a long press. Some of the options are only available after an in-app purchase.

Auto Cursor Auto Cursor Settings: Request accessibility permission and overlap other applications

By deploying the cursor from the sides of the phone (or the bottom) you can control all the touches on the screen without having to extend your finger. Double-click on the touch circle the pointer disappears; reappearing whenever the finger is passed through the activation area. One drawback is that these areas overlap with Android navigation gestures, but can be solved by sliding your finger from bottom to top on the side of the screen (or diagonally). Otherwise, there is no major problem with the application.

Auto Cursor

Auto Cursor offers excellent service if you are looking for a way to make it easier to use your mobile with a large screen. It is a free app, does not include ads, its code is accessible and has certain limitations of use that are eliminated with an in-app purchase of 1.79 euros. And if you want to save it, the developer is giving away the subscription in the thread that has opened in XDA Developers.

Auto Cursor

Auto Cursor

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