Samsung virtual reality : all user accounts will be deactivated and deleted

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all user accounts will be deactivated and deleted

Samsung has announced the closure of its virtual reality service: Samsung XR. The service ends both for the company’s applications and for all services hosted on web platforms. From September 30 all accounts will be inactive and deleted.

The South Korean company that bet heavily on virtual reality technology has given this sad news to users of its platforms, who will have their accounts deleted before the end of the year. We tell you what implications this will have and what will happen when the service ends.

Samsung’s virtual reality services disappear

Image 2020 05 18 13 09 34

Samsung has announced that 360ยบ video loading is immediately deactivated, as well as the end of the update policy for all Samsung XR and Samsung VR services. In the same way, they announce that by June 30 the Samsung VR video application will stop working on all Oculus products (Oculus Go, Rift and Oculus Quest), ceasing to be available in their application store.

The service marks the end date for September 30, when Samsung XR and Samsung VR accounts will be closed and deleted.

The biggest hit comes on September 30, the date when all user accounts will be deactivated and deleted. The information of these accounts will also be deleted. In the event that we have videos published, they will also be deleted.

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Regarding the Samsung VR Video application, it will no longer be compatible with Samsung Gear VR products or Windows Odyssey, being also removed from the Microsoft Mixed Reality store. Regarding Android, the Samsung XR application will also disappear from Play Store and Samsung app store.

The main implication for users is that Samsung virtual reality glasses are left without support and without application. However, the functions offline of the same as the display of content of lateral load will remain after the disappearance of the service.

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