One of the creators of the Gcam, the modification of the Google camera to bring this process to as many terminals as possible, he already has an older sister. Its name is UltraCam and it comes to bring an experience similar to the one we found with the Gcam, but with levels of customization that leave you speechless.

We are going to tell you everything that this spectacular camera offers, since it is the best we have seen at the level of customization and operation in a camera interface. The Gcam, but taken to another levelLet’s see how it works.

UltraCam: an evolution of the Gcam at the highest level

Ultra Cam Interface

On more than one occasion we have told you how to know if your mobile can install the Google camera, Gcam, as well as the best methods to find and install it in less than a minute. The main point of installing this camera is that we can have a processing very similar to that of the Google Pixel regardless of the phone we have. In other words, it is enough to change the camera application for our photos to improve a lot since, at least in the mid-range, the processing is not usually the strong point of the manufacturers.

This GCam-based camera is even more customizable and is especially optimized for the new mid-range batch with 48 and 64 megapixel sensors

With the Gcam we managed to have a port (cover version) of the Google camera, in some cases with added configuration extras. The creator of this application has further improved the proposal and he has created his twin sister: the UltraCam. This is mainly focused on take the personalization of the Gcam to another level, maintaining its processing to obtain the best possible photographs. With this camera the levels of noise, contrast, white balance, detail and others are configured as in the Google Pixel, but the customization we can do is overwhelming. It is specially optimized for mobile phones with new batch sensors, that is, those 48-megapixel and 64-megapixel sensors that we are seeing so much in the mid-range.

Image 2020 05 18 12 25 08Neutral-prone white balance can be turned on or off.

The camera interface remains that of the Google Camera. This means that on the main screen we have the shooting mode, portrait, video, night mode (Night sight). The first difference we see in the quick settings section, in which we find all these options.

  • Flash
  • HDR + (off, active, HDR + enhanced)
  • Automatic white balance
  • Image quality
  • Timer
  • Aspect ratio

It is especially striking be able to control the white balance at the click of a button. In the event that we activate the WB car, images will tend to neutral, so we will remove the excessively warm tones that can occur at night, or those lilac or green tones that our sensor can cause if it is not too precise.


If we open the list of complete options, reminds us more of a photo editor than a camera app. The control over the interface is excellent, and we can highlight some functions that have caught our attention a lot.

  • Tone Curve Adjustment
  • Adjusting the gamma curve
  • Shutter adjustment
  • Exposure compensation adjustment
  • Subject tracking in focus
  • Video Bitrate Adjustment

The most striking feature is the ability to adjust the tone curve before taking a photo. This requires some photographic knowledge but we can always keep an eye on it to see how the final results change. The tone curve allows you to adjust the balance between shadows, highlights and highlights, so we can completely change the look of the images.

Every Gcam requires slightly modifying its settings so that it works correctly on your terminal. It is recommended to dedicate a few minutes to these to enjoy without worries

As always, the results will depend on your mobile, its sensor and the settings you make. The Gcam (UltraCam) in this case requires some patience to be configured the first time. However, once we leave it to our liking, you only have to shoot to take improved photographs and obtain excellent results even if our mobile does not have the best camera on the market.

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