Gboard, the keyboard developed by Google to improve typing on our devices, continues to gain integers. It is true that each time the differences between applications to improve typing in the form of keyboards are less bulky, and because of that line that separates them, increasingly thin, details become more important.

Google continues to work on improving its tool for writing on mobile, a utility that we remember is also present in iOS. Launches new features for the update available on the Google Play Store, an update that offers clipboard enhancements, optimized GIF search, stickers

Smart responses, stickers, GIFs …


Improvements depend on the server, which are activated remotely, so it is possible that even if you have the latest version already installed, you still do not have them active. If that’s the case, it’s time to wait. In AndroidPolice, where they have already had access to the improvements of this version, they detail some of the news that we can try.

Smart Answers

A mechanism that builds on other answers already made and they have nothing to do with the suggestion of words at the top of the keyboard when you type. Smart responses are shown by bubbles and are slightly closer together.

Too we find suggestions for stickers displayed on the keyboard and displayed next to the emoji hints as you type. The use of these stickers is basic and you only have to touch the sticker to see it or hold it down so that Gboard shows more elements or eliminates the suggestion.

Gboard Sticker Suggestion 2

Gboard GIF search has also been improved And now it changes according to our latest messages so that they are better integrated in the context in which we find ourselves.

Gif Suggestions 1

Remember that you must have the latest version of Gboard installed that you can download from this link in the Google Play Store, and wait for the latest improvements that Google has introduced to activate.

Gboard - Google keyboard

Gboard – Google keyboard

Interior images | AndroidPolice

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