One week after leaking that the AGoogle sistente was going to allow changing the podcast provider Spotify announces that as of today they are the first third-party service supported.

Some Spotify users, in addition to being able to listen to music and playlists, will also be able to listen to their favorite podcasts from devices compatible with the Google Assistant such as speakers Nest Mini Y Nest Audio. I say some users because for now it will only work in English.

Switch podcast service

Podcast Spotify

The Google Assistant settings, in its English configuration, allows us to change podcast serviceshowing the Spotify as one of the compatible providers to be able to link with our devices.

Spotify does not work in our language at the moment because Google Assistant has not yet enabled Spanish voice commands for podcast playback. The google support page reports that these commands are not yet in all languages, and Spanish is one of those languages ​​that it does not yet support.

It is unknown when the Google Assistant in Spanish will support podcast playback. We have been waiting for more than two years. The Assistant is not able to reproduce the episodes of the service itself. Google Podcast.

It seems that we will have to keep waiting to be able to listen to Google and Spotify podcasts in our language through Google’s smart speakers.

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