In the middle of this month, Google’s streaming game platform received one of the most important updates since its launch: you could already play from any Android mobile and with its touch controls. Now ending this month comes another important novelty.

If you have the official Stadia remote control, you will no longer need to connect it by cable to your mobile. You can finally play wirelessly with the Stadia controller. The update will be released today June 30, so we will have to have the Stadia application for Android updated.

Playing wirelessly on Android with the Stadia controller

To play wirelessly, you just have to have the mobile and the controller linked on the same Wi-Fi network. When starting a game, follow the instructions on the screen to pair the wireless controller.

To listen to the audio, it seems that you will have to connect the headphones directly to the phone, either by cable or wirelessly by Bluetooth.

Stadia remote with 10% discount

Stadia Controller

If Stadia has conquered you and you still don’t have his official command, now you can buy it with a 10% discount, at 62.10 euros compared to the usual 69 euros. The remote offers exclusive functions such as integration with the Google Assistant or a direct access to the screenshot, as well as less input lag when connecting the remote directly to Google’s servers. The offer ends in a couple of days, on July 2.

New Free Games for Stadia Pro

Finally, tomorrow we launch a new month, and with it, Stadia Pro subscribers will be able to play four more games for free. They are as follows:



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