The 13 best apps for Android app developers

In the development of Android applications, the popular saying is ignored, there is an “iron knife”. That is to say, apps that help you create other apps, either during the planning phase, development or after having already created and published the app on Google Play.

Whether you are an Android app developer or if you are thinking about it or you’re on it, here we list you 13 applications that will help you in creating your application for Android in one way or another.



GitHub is the platform for Repositories with version control most popular and recently relaunched its mobile application with a renewed design and, little by little, almost the same options that you will find on the GitHub website.

If you are developing an app, you are quite likely to use GitHub as version control, in which case you can check code, check your repositories and, for example, see your pull requests comfortably, from the mobile.



Google Play Console


The Google Play Console are something like the guts of the google store: the place where developers can manage the applications they have published on Google Play. The mobile version allows you to access some of the information from anywhere.

The Google Play console app is not as complete as the web, but it allows you to consult the app statistics, Google Play ratings that you have received and the crashes and errors that Google has detected in your app.

Google Play Console

Google Play Console

Google AdMob


If you are trying to monetize the application you are creating, you may or may not be interested in using AdMob. Google’s mobile ad system. Its official application allows you to check how your income is going from your mobile.

With the Google AdMob application you will be able to see all the statistics about how your app’s ad units are performing, consult trends and consult in detail the statistics related to your ads.

Google AdMob

Google AdMob

Material Gallery


Material Gallery it is probably one of the lesser known Google applications. It is a simple app for share app sketches, mockups or prototypes, review them and discuss them with other people.

The application focuses on sharing designs made with other applications (it has a plugin to Sketch to share designs directly) and allows people in a team give feedback on specific parts and compare between different designs.

Material Gallery

Material Gallery

Developer Assistant


Developer Assistant is one of the most established developer apps. In a way, it is something like google chrome developer tools, but for Android applications.

With Developer Assistant you can analyze “with X-rays” the layout of any application, analyzing the hierarchy of views, showing the properties of a view and the dimensions of any item on the screen.

Developer Assistant

Developer Assistant



Developer Assistant is fine, but if you need even more tools, you can’t miss DevTools, another collection of small tools for developers of Android applications.

With DevTools you can decompile other apps, use a color picker In any application, see the history of the activities that have been opened, see the manifest of any app or extract the APK of any app. Keep in mind, yes, that many of these functions are paid (3,59 €).

Dev Tools(Android Developer Tools) - Device Info

Dev Tools(Android Developer Tools) – Device Info

Logcat Reader


The Logcat is something like the logbook of everything that happens on the mobile, and you are interested in being able to consult it at any time and from your mobile, without having to connect it to the PC via ADB.

For this you can use LogCat Reader, an application simple, to the point and open source. To be able to read the LogCat, yes, you will need that the mobile is rooted or give a permission by ADB that, if you are developing an application, it will be a piece of cake for you (and you only have to do it once).

Logcat Reader

Logcat Reader



Bugjaegger is an application whose name seems like a bug in itself, but it is very useful because it helps you to debug applications of one mobile from another, without having to use a laptop or PC for it.

With Bugjaegger you can run scripts, check logs, take screenshots, consult backup data and other tasks through a USB-OTG cable or via Wi-Fi, being something like a pocket ADB.

Bugjaeger Mobile ADB - Develop & Debug via USB OTG

Bugjaeger Mobile ADB – Develop & Debug via USB OTG



If you have created an application, sooner or later you will want create mockups or images showing how the app looks on a device, to be used on Google Play, the official website or any other promotional material.

InstaMocks is a simple option that you can do from your mobile. Have a 40 devices ready to use to put your “app” inside, being able to customize with different colors for the background and add your own texts.

InstaMocks - App Screenshot Design Tool

InstaMocks – App Screenshot Design Tool



Material Design and its components are essential to develop applications on Android, although it can sometimes be confusing what to use and how. MaterialX is a sample gallery of Material Design component implementations.

That is, if you need inspiration on how to design your app, you will find a lot of examples in this app. If you also want the code on each implementation, you can get it, upon payment (costs about $ 10).

MaterialX - Android Material Design UI

MaterialX – Android Material Design UI

Syncfusion Flutter UI Widgets


If you don’t use Java or Kotlin in your application, but Flutter, you are interested in this other application. In it you will find a Flutter widgets collection, so you can see the collection of Syncfusion widgets Live.

If you prefer to start with the basics, you have something similar in Flutter Widget Guide, which includes several Flutter widgets for you to you can see how they look and try them, plus the code for each widget.

Syncfusion Flutter UI Widgets

Syncfusion Flutter UI Widgets

Logo Maker


If you have an application, sooner or later you will need to create an icon and / or a logo for it. While ideally you should do it calmly and carefully on a PC, you can also create the logo from the mobile with an app like Logo Maker.

With Logo Maker you can easily create logos and icons, combining stickers with texts, effects and textures in a simple graphic editor that you can carry everywhere in your pocket.

Logo Maker - logo creator and designer

Logo Maker – logo creator and designer



Finally, whether you are developing an application for yourself or for a client, it is important not to lose track of time. A good way to time the times it is with the help of Toggl.

Toggl is a simple application with which you can measure the times of any job or project and that you can use, with the same account, on several devices. From the app itself, you can see summary reports on how long you have been working on each project.

Toggl Track: Working Hours

Toggl Track: Working Hours



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