Printing the Covid Certificate is recommended, also saving it on your mobile: so it is easier to always have it at hand. And there are official applications that make saving the Covid Passport much easier: we have chosen the three most recommended apps for the task.

The mobile is one of the best places to keep the Covid Certificate: since we always carry it with us, just unlock the screen and open the document to show the QR code. And there are secure apps created by the Governments of Europe that not only allow you to save all the Certificates, they also serve asmonitoring of the disease and even to check the QR codes themselves.

After analyzing a multitude of applications, we have opted for three official apps that not only guarantee data security, but also the saving of the Covid Certificate of the whole family. They have no ads or in-app purchases. And they work without an internet connection.

Corona-Warn-App – Germany

Corona Warn App

Is the best of all. It offers the basic functions, is based on open source, includes the verification of the Covid Certificate according to the requirements of any European country with said current document and even serves as a tracking app. Corona-Warn-App is the most recommended.

All the ways to install the Covid Certificate on your Android: PDF, Google Pay and other applications

It allows adding all the certificates of the family with the lower central menu, the application is available in English (it is not difficult to handle it even if the language is not known) and its interface is very polished: it is pleasant and very easy to use.



TousAntiCovid –Francia

Covid France App Certificate

The French application to save the Covid Certificate, Covid Passport or Green Pass is very close to the German one, although does not offer such a complete and reliable verification system. The app is in English and does not involve too much complication in use.

TousAntiCovid allows you to add all family certificates by going to the wallet or wallet: with the “Add a certificate” button, each document is added and then the QR code is shown when clicking on it in the list. What’s more, allows you to easily share the QR code in case any of the children need it, for example. It is a very good application.



COVID Certificate – Suiza

Covid Switzerland App Certificate

The most concise of the three in terms of functions, although it is much clearer when saving and teaching the Covid Certificate. It’s just what COVID Certificate does: it stores all passports in your wallet after easily importing them from the official document.

Design inspired by the iOS portfolio, it offers all the information of the Certificate and verifies its validity only in Swiss territory. It is a great choice for those who want to save their documents on their mobile.

COVID Certificate

COVID Certificate

While we wait for Spain to create its own application to safely save the Covid Certificate, something that will surely never happen, we can choose any of the official apps from other European countries. They are safe, their use does not involve complications beyond dealing with English and they allow the whole family to keep the Covid Passport. What do you not want to use an app? You can always save the PDF on your phone with a shortcut on your desktop.

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