Krita is a drawing and illustration software that is offered as free alternative to well-known applications like Adobe Illustrator. Extremely popular on computers, Krita has just made the leap to Android tablets, also Chromebook computers. It is an excellent alternative for anyone who needs a professional drawing and illustration tool.

Android has been gradually rising to the professional field by offering a good way to manage certain jobs thanks to the productivity tools available on Google Play. Drawing and illustration options also existed, although some of Krita’s power and versatility were lacking. This open source software is a reference for all illustrators looking for free alternatives to the usual Adobe ones. And it’s already on Android: its developers have released the first beta on Google Play.

Krita is complex illustration and editing software

Krita Application Illustration

The developers of the editing program have converted the complete desktop version 4.29 to the Android environment. This implies that the interface is not 100% adapted to touch control, but works perfectly on tablets equipped with a stylus, as is the case with the Samsung Galaxy Tab. We have tested Krita on a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite and the sensations have been very positive: the application not only allows the editing of images and strokes, it is also very well adapted for use with the S Pen. It even detects the different pressure levels for the drawing.

Krita for Android is the desktop version adapted to Android tablets and Chromebook computers. The app allows from edit images by layers to make all kinds of illustrations from scratch, also edit them with the immense amount of brushes available.

Krita Application Illustration Brush sample in Krita for Android

The application offers a complete professional environment so that illustrators and designers have a suitable tool so that creating from an Android tablet is not only possible, it is also simple and versatile. Further, Krita is completely free. And it is possible to collaborate with the development thanks to the included ‘in app’ purchase; purchase that does not change the features offered as standard.

Krita Application Illustration Layer work in Krita

The application is still in early access, which implies: developers are testing it before releasing it in a stable way. Even so, its operation is as expected, at least under our tests on the Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite: it is worth installing. Yes, its use is quite complex, requires some learning.



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