Niantic and Nintendo’s ‘Pokémon GO’ caused such a fever among the usual and not so common in the world of video games that we have already had several releases imitating its style but adopting different themes. Harry Potter also bet on excursions in real life with ‘Wizards Unite’, for example, and now we will welcome one based on the world of Geralt of Rivia.

‘The Witcher Monster Slayer’ will join the cast of mobile games in the world of The Witch, thus accompanying the card game Gwent, and will do so by betting on a Pokémon GO format that will push users to the streets to carry out monster hunts. Pre-registration is now open and signing up before its launch date will earn you rewards.

The Monster Slayer trailer is also posted.

Some time ago it was announced that the title reached mobile phones and later the pre-registration period was opened. But now we have more information about ‘The Witcher Monster Slayer’ and this information has to do with its publication, this is from July, and with some rewards that will be ours if we try to be faster than others.

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By going to the app on Google Play we will be able to carry out our due pre-registration and the company promises to notify us of the exact day the game is published. But in addition to this, we can get a couple rewards for our haste. By pre-registering we will earn a steel sword of Kaer Morhen and also an extra 10% experience for killing monsters in our games. So we can evolve faster than those who wait for the game to be published to go to download it.

This is how its creators tell us that it will be ‘The Witcher: Monster Slayer’:

“Set long before the time of Geralt of Rivia, ‘The Witcher: Monster Slayer’ is an augmented reality exploration game that challenges you to become an elite monster hunter. See the world around you, transformed into the dark fantasy realm of The Witcher, and explore once familiar locations now infested with dangerous beasts as you begin your journey to become a professional monster hunter. “

The game, as we have already commented, will be officially published in this month of July although a specific day has not yet been set. On these lines we leave you with the launch trailer of the new title ‘The Witcher Monster Slayer’ developed by Spokko so that you are getting long teeth. We will see if now that the pandemic begins to slow down we can burn some adrenaline hunting monsters everywhere.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer

The Witcher: Monster Slayer

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