We are three days away from the presentation of the new generation of the best-selling activity bracelet on the planet, the one manufactured by Xiaomi. From the sequential numbering, and also from the previous leaks and the announcement, we already know that next Thursday, June 11, we will have among us the new Xiaomi Mi Band 5 and we know more and more about it.

The leak with which we closed last week gave us some new information about it, such as having NFC chip in a seemingly unique model that would be marketed worldwide, or as a blood oxygen saturation meter that we have already seen in some smart watches. The latter has to do with its design, with its colors.

Four colors to start

One of the great virtues of Mi Band bracelets has to do with the great ecosystem of personalized bracelets that surrounds them. It is not many days from the launch of each new device until we can find bracelets of all colors in different storesSuch is their popularity, but even so they are always released with completely official models and, logically, they are a little more expensive than those manufactured by third parties.

The new Mi Band 5 will arrive this Thursday and now we have in hand the leaked image of its first press image. In it you can see the new Xiaomi device wearing its renovated 1.2-inch AMOLED display, different combinations of screens such as the exercise one, and a total of four colors that we will consider official, or should be, from the moment of its launch.

The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 appears in the image wearing a color yellow orange in the foreground we have a bracelet red in the second and the classic bracelet black On the right side. For the last shot, the one to the left of the image, the Mi Band 5 poses with a color off blue, turning gray. It seems that these colors would be part of the launch of the bracelet this Thursday. We expect more, of course.

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