Paranoid Android released its Android 10-based Quartz Release in April, and since then they have continued improving the characteristics of your ROM, as well as adding new devices to the list, some of them quite popular today.

Let’s tell you what are the devices compatible with this custom ROM, as well as reviewing some of the main characteristics of it, since it is currently one of the best options if we want to give it a second life (or enhance) our device with a more customizable ROM.

Paranoid Android Quartz 3 compatible devices

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Paranoid Android is a ROM based on Android 10 and that it has the personalization by flag. Specifically, these are some of the novelties that were introduced with these ‘Quartz’ versions.

  • Support for updates via OTA
  • Adaptive multimedia playback
  • Screen stabilization (Gimbal mode)
  • Screen recorder
  • Pulse Notifications
  • Gestures with the screen off
  • Gesture support
  • Extended screenshots
  • Support for OnePlus Alert Silder
  • Adaptive vibration
  • Restart extended menu
  • Pocket mode

In short, we are before a ROM with several quite useful additions And, most importantly, updated to Android 10 to enjoy all the benefits of the latest version of Google’s operating system.

Paranoid Android is one of the most stable and complete custom ROMs today, although we must be responsible in the installation process, since we are thoroughly modifying the mobile

To install Paranoid Android it is necessary to have a custom recovery and perform the classic installation process on custom ROMs, so we are not responsible for a bad installation or use of the files that we provide below.

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