This is how the new Google Drive widgets are with Material You

This is how the new Google Drive widgets are with
This is how the new Google Drive widgets are with

With the arrival of Material You Google you are not only updating the interface of your applications but also is renewing its widgets. After years in oblivion, now he has begun to give them more love so that Android has nothing to envy the iOS widgets.

In these last weeks we are seeing how Google is revamping and launching new widgets on Android, like the new clock widgets, the new Google Photos widget, or the upcoming Chrome widgets. Well, with the redesign of Google Drive also comes with new and revamped widgets.

The new Google Drive widgets

Google Drive Material You

Since last week, Google is updating the application of Drive with Material You, with a staggered launch in which during these days it is activating the new interface, but this update comes with a surprise, with new widgets.

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Until now, and for many years, Google Drive for Android only offered a widget called ‘Quick Drive Actions’ of a size of 5×2 that did not allow to change its size, but now that widget renews its design and becomes a maximum size of 5×1 but that allows us to change its size.

With its new pill design, its new icons and colors, now the widget in its sizes of 5×1 and 4×1 offers direct access to Google Drive, to the search engine, to upload a file, to scan a photo, or to create a new file or folder . In its 3×1 size, it inverts the colors and in addition to direct access to the application, it only offers the option of uploading a file.

Google Drive Widgets Material You

If we go to a size of at least 3×2 we see how the bar design changes by a design of ‘X’. In this new widget design we see how in the center we have access to Google Drive and in each of the blades of the ‘X’ its different actions.

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