We are going to talk about One Jotter, a complete alternative to Google Keep that surpasses you in several aspects. At the interface level it is exquisite, the options when preparing the notes are more than complete, it has synchronization with the most popular cloud services and allows you to create both folders and different labels in which to assign our notes.

In the same way, we can protect it with password or fingerprint, a point in favor at the security level. Without further delay we are going to show you how it is and everything it offers, since it is an app that does not take too long in the Play Store and has a very high potential to discover.

This is One Jotter, one of the best notes apps of the moment

One Jotter App

One Jotter is, in the server’s opinion, the best notes app for Android. I have always been a faithful user of Google Keep, but this application is much more complete, It has an interface with more potential and even includes a calendar (we can choose weekly or monthly) to be able to create dated notes on the days that we want. It is true that in Keep we can add reminders in hours and days, but Jotter’s interface makes it a very competitive alternative.

On the home screen we have the notes, which can be arranged to taste, and the calendar view

The One Jotter home screen is pretty straightforward, with Material Design and everything you need. We have an access to the list of notes and a calendar at the top. At the level of options, it is very complete. We have dark mode, fingerprint protection, password protection, possibility to import the notes … The notes can be exported as image, text message, markdown and HTML format, so we can share them at will. In the same way, we can activate synchronization with services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive.

Xataka Mockup

If we talk about customization, we can change how we see the previous lists, number of rows, design, colors, fonts, size, activate haptic feedback, animations, width of the app itself, etc. A spectacular level of customization that allows us to leave the application to our liking. If we do not want to complicate our lives we can leave everything as it is, but if we want to enhance content management in the app, we have a whole world of possibilities.

When creating the notes, the options are practically endless. We are going to list you the functions we have from the editor itself. We already anticipate that they are not few.

  • Direct access to special characters
  • Labels
  • Direct access to H1, H2, H3, body (Markdown)
  • Line separation of text
  • Lists
  • Numerical lists
  • Checkboxes
  • Shortcut to add appointment
  • Text separation
  • Frame the text
  • Attach files (photo, video, recording, etc.)
  • Add a hyperlink
  • Manage notes from the note that we are creating
  • Change date
  • Changes to bold, italic, underline, strikethrough

Basically we have all the options that a Markdown editor offers in a notes app. The application is completely free and all the functions that we have described are included in this version. If we want automatic synchronization and unlock some extra features, we have a paid version for just over 5 euros.

One Jotter

One Jotter

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