Currently there is a large number of applications on Android to create to-do lists and not get confused when completing projects both in our work and in our personal life.

Although they can all be similar, Elements such as the design or small functionalities inside can be key when it comes to perfectly adapting to what we need.

Less is more

‘Todo’ (the truth is that they have not broken their heads with the name) is a new application in which design is precisely one of the strengths, in addition to being completely free.

How can we check, dark color predominates, ideal for those who activate this mode in most apps. At the top we will see that we can establish a name, status and by clicking on the avatars choose the one we like the most.

Creating a new task will be as simple as clicking on the “+” button, in order to add a title, a due date, if we want a reminder, a description and an associated category.


So, on the main screen we can check at a quick glance how many tasks we have created, which categories they correspond to (you can set a color per category) and how many we have completed.

At the bottom will appear those tasks that we have to complete today, so we will know what we have to complete urgently without having to navigate between categories.


That it is free, so simple and, above all, its design makes you want to use it. Many task management applications offer so many options and so much information that it sometimes distracts you from what is really important.

Also, is still in an embryonic stageas it was released in a few days. That means they could add some important functionality soon (like syncing or a web version). At the moment, they have already announced that an iOS version will arrive “soon”.



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