Vevo comes to Google TV and Android TV with its new themed channels to watch music videos 24 hours a day

Vevo Google Tv
1643947860 Vevo comes to Google TV and Android TV with its

The world’s leading music video network Vevo has launched its official application for devices with Google TV and Android TV, thus offering a great alternative for listen to music from our tv, since the Vevo option is perfect for those who also want to see video clips on screen.

The Vevo TV application is now available for download through the Play Store in Spain, Mexico, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Brazil. Next we will see what the Vevo app for televisions stands out for.

This is Vevo for TV

Vevo Google Tv

The main screen of Vevo for Google TV and Android TV shows us its section Live (Live), simulating a television guide in which we will only see musical channels of different themes, that every hour they will do a special “program”. We select a channel and enlarge the video to see it full screen.

These music channels are nothing more than playlists of video clips that Vevo is broadcasting live, making them a very convenient way to play background music on your TV. When we have tested the application, only three thematic channels have appeared in Spain, but it is possible that more channels will appear in the coming days.

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Vevo Google Tv

Vevo does not forget the section To explore to offer us your videos on demand. Here we will find announcements, recommendations, trends and categories to discover new music videos. Lastly, we also find seeker, where we can search for any song or artist with the keyboard. Here we will also see the most popular artists and videos.

Vevo Google Tv

Vevo: Music Videos & Channels

Vevo: Music Videos & Channels

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