WhatsApp Beta for Android gives new clues about how it will silence our archived chats

Whatapp Vacation Mode
1604459245 WhatsApp Beta for Android gives new clues about how it

For a couple of weeks WhatsApp allows you to silence contacts forever. All this feature does is mute notifications, it does not prevent that if you send us a new message from not seeing your conversation in the chat list, even if we archive your chat.

For many users it does not make sense that if you archive a chat, it automatically unarchive after receiving a new message, and this is something that WhatsApp wants to solve soon.

Archived chats will no longer unarchive

Whatapp Vacation Mode

For more than two years, WhatsApp is working on this feature known as “Holiday mode” that in 2019 disappeared from the source code for come back again a couple of months ago.

In the source code of the last beta from WhatsApp We see how the courier works in a new banner which will present this future functionality in the new window of archived chats.

Whatapp Vacation Mode

There we see how he invites us to move there the chats that we want to keep muted, further informing us that chats archived with new messages will not be unarchived, will not return to the main chat list. Also, the shortcut to direct messages will appear at the top of the list but will be hidden. It will not appear until we slide our finger down.

It seems that in future versions of WhatsApp by default it will not unarchive our messages unless we tell it otherwise in the application settings. There will be an option that will allow us to activate the notification of new messages from archived chats.

This feature not available yet. It is deactivated, so we have to keep waiting for WhatsApp activate it in a future that we hope will be near.

Via | WABetaInfo


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