WhatsApp Web multi-device, without having the mobile on, it can be tested in future betas

WhatsApp Web multi device without having the mobile on it can
WhatsApp Web multi device without having the mobile on it can

Multi-device support for WhatsApp is one of the great novelties that we expect in the popular messaging application this 2021. We still don’t know exactly how it will work, although the idea is simple: the same WhatsApp account on several devices at the same time. According to the latest leaks, up to four devices.

We know that Facebook has been working on multi-device support in WhatsApp for months and, apparently, we will not have to wait much longer to test it. As revealed by WaBetaInfo, Upcoming WhatsApp betas will allow you to test the multi-device WhatsApp Web, without the need to keep the mobile connected.

WhatsApp Web without having the mobile connected

Currently, WhatsApp can only be used on one device, usually a mobile. It is also possible to chat from any browser or a PC, with WhatsApp Web and the version for the desktop, but it does not work independently, but synchronized from the mobile. That is to say, They need you to keep your mobile on and connected to the network.

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This is where the main difference is with the multi-device mode of WhatsApp, which would allow the same WhatsApp account to be used on several devices at the same time and independently. Rumors of this novelty had been ringing since 2019 and, two years later, we would be very close to finally being able to try multi-device WhatsApp.

WaBetaInfo has been able to find a screen within the latest WhatsApp beta with which you can test WhatsApp Web Beta “without having to keep your phone connected“Apparently, a test button will be included in the WhatsApp Web section, and the current mode, synchronized, or the new one, can be used independently.”


Some additional information is also included in this regard, indicating again that WhatsApp can be used in up to four different devices, so that you can use WhatsApp Web on the PC, native application and Portal, without having the mobile connected.

It is indicated, yes, that some functions not yet available in this beta versionThey will come later: archive and mute chats, delete chats and calls from these “companion” devices. We still do not have a date on when WhatsApp will activate this beta version although, considering that everything seems quite ready, it could be just around the corner.

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