Xiaomi has just been approved for a patent for a new folding device. The company, which has been working on this folding technology for a long time, is patenting devices quite striking, as in the case at hand today.

The patent reveals a device quite similar to the concept that Huawei introduced with the Mate XS, a mobile that folds away exposing the screen and that it differs a lot from folding proposals from the competition.

Xiaomi’s own “Mate XS”

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Xiaomi has patented a terminal that, being folded, leaves your screen out, exposed. It is a concept that we already saw with the Huawei Mate XS and that rescues this recently approved patent. The device also displays a string of cameras arranged vertically, mechanism that allows this arrangement to be used as front cameras and as main rear cameras.

As in the case of the Huawei Mate XS, this patent shows a phone that leaves the screen exposed when it is folded

The patent shows, as in the Mate XS, that the device is quite thick by the folding mechanism itself. Similarly, when deployed, we see that the use of the frames is practically total, looking more like a tablet when we have it deployed than a phone itself.

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When it’s closed, we are facing a fairly narrow terminal and that aims to be easy to use with one hand although there is no news about the dimensions or measurements of the screen. In the case of the Mate XS, remember that we found eight inches when deploying and just over six when folded.

As always, remember that patents are just property registration and do not imply in any case that the terminal has to go to market as registered in the patent. For the moment, Xiaomi still does not dare to take the step of putting a folding table on the high-end, so it remains to wait.

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