After the presentation in China of the new layer of Xiaomi phones, MIUI 12, the manufacturer has unveiled it internationally with all its details. New aesthetic look, full of animations, super wallpapers, more emphasis on privacy and a whole flurry of news that will arrive soon to a majority of Xiaomi phones. The update will be phased in.

Xiaomi’s custom layer is quite heavy but, in return, it gives users of their mobiles a huge number of possibilities. And the good thing is that the brand frequently updates its layer, as has happened with the latest version, MIUI 12. After the event in China a few weeks ago, MIUI 12 is official outside the Chinese borders to bring its benefits to the first global Xiaomi mobiles. Is yours on the list? Well, it won’t be long before you receive the update.

Update to MIUI 12 starts in June

Animation when uninstalling applications from MIUI 12 launcher

As is usually the case whenever there are majority updates, MIUI 12 will be arriving to a selection of Xiaomi phones in phases or waves. First the most recent and those that have a certain power; the update being progressively extended to a good part of the Xiaomi catalog, some with more than three years on the market. Of course, we must remember that MIUI 12 does not have to come with a new version of Android since the layer and the system are independent.

We were able to test MIUI 12 on a ROM adapted from the Chinese version. The changes are noticeable with respect to MIUI 11, especially with regard to the graphic experience and also to privacy: the new version of the layer places special emphasis on achieving a richer visual experience, much more attractive, also more private. The MIUI 12 aesthetic has been refined in detail to become more modern, minimalist and livelier; aspects that are taken to the rest of the applications integrated in MIUI 12.

After the event, Xiaomi has revealed which mobiles will be updated to MIUI 12 and when. The list is as follows:

Update planned for the end of June

Second round of updates (no date)

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