Xiaomi televisions arrived in Spain some time ago and their catalog continues to gain weight with the passage of different presentations. Now, in one of the countries where they started, India, Xiaomi has started to introduce various improvements that will not take long to reach the rest of the planet.

The most important of the last thing that reaches the televisions of the Chinese firm has to do with the new Child Mode Added to Patchwall, the custom layer that runs on Android TV, the operating system that you have adopted for your devices. With this new Children’s Mode, Xiaomi introduces different novelties related to security and content that the smallest of the house see.

Parental lock with PIN, secure search and more

With the new Child Mode that Xiaomi is incorporating into its Patchwall, the Android company’s Android TV televisions gain, among other things, the possibility of having parental lock for parents to decide what content or which sections of television are accessible to children, including the possibility of blocking specific apps. For example, that Disney + can be accessed but not HBO or Netflix. It will be enough to activate it and set a PIN code that will block access to those who do not know it.

Another functionality that is gained with this Child Mode is that you get what Xiaomi calls Safe Universal Search and that it will prevent the smallest ones from locating content on the Internet that is inappropriate for them, through the browser on their televisions. This functionality will also be configured in the aforementioned Child Mode.

Xiaomi TVs will also get smart content filtering that are seen through the device based on AI algorithms that will automatically block those that are inappropriate. In principle this functionality reaches India but it is unknown if it will also jump to the international market.

And along with all this, Xiaomi TVs will get completely free educational content and accessible from them. Again, this functionality starts in India but it is not clear if it will also reach the rest of the world. As we have said, the first update is launched in the country of the Ganges and it will only be necessary to wait for Xiaomi to adapt it to the different markets to update Patchwall wherever its models are sold.

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