You like math to a greater or lesser extent, The game that we are going to show you is a very fun option, guaranteed. This is Math Ball, a proposal that has just been released to Google Play in early access and can now be downloaded completely free of charge.

It is a game in which we solve simple mathematical operations while we go through the levels. It’s pretty funny because you have to play with physics of the character, a nice ball that we must direct towards the answer to the problem. In addition, it is a game that does not need an internet connection, perfect for killing time anywhere.

Solving ball-based problems

Image 2020 05 21 14 35 22 The mechanics are simple: we have to direct the ball towards the correct answer.

The mechanics of Math Ball are simple: we have to digest the ball (our character) towards the correct answer to the mathematical problem before us. These problems are very simple, so the game is suitable so much as to teach children to have fun with math and to put their heads to work in those moments of death no matter how old we are.

Thus, if for example the problem 2 + 2 appears to us, we have to direct the ball towards the four. What sounds simple? Well, the game becomes more and more frantic when we pass the level. The screen is filling with balls with possible solutions (remember that you should only go to the correct one), so it is easy to send the ball to an incorrect solution.

It is easy for the ball to collide with some wrong answers due to the inertia of the movement: this will make the game more and more complicated.

If we give a wrong solution, they will not only take away time, but our ball will grow, so it will be even easier for you to collide with incorrect balls, with which if you collide again you will grow again and lose time.

In short, a very fun game to activate the mind and very easy to enjoy regardless of our age. The game is free and at least in this early access phase it does not have any type of advertising.

Math ball

Math ball

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