Although it was planned that, after three previous versions for developers, Google announced the beta of Android 11 on June 3, the online event was finally canceled and its launch was postponed for another week. Thus, on Wednesday June 10, the Android 11 beta began to be available to first models suitable for this version.

Obviously those first phones were those of the company, that is, the Pixels (from Pixel 2 onwards), but soon other manufacturers have started to announce Android 11 beta availability for various terminals. OnePlus, OPPO, Xiaomi and Realme are some of those brands; Let’s see all the models that will be able to access the beta and when they will.

Some already, others soon

The beta of Android 11 is now official and, in addition to improving device control, it focuses on privacy management and in interaction with other people. In addition, with it, developers get new APIs with which to facilitate the creation of applications compatible with Android 11.

But as always happens, not all Android phones allow you to install this beta and those that are compatible will not be able to access it at the same time. These are the models that will be able to install the beta of Android 11 and the date on which they will:

Google phones

The first devices to receive Android 11 Beta are Google’s own devices, which you can update to this version still in development in a simple and fast way:

OnePlus phones

Thanks to its collaboration agreement with Google, OnePlus has not only announced the upcoming availability of the beta with Android 11 for some of its mobiles, but also has already circulated the first ROMs to ‘flash’ the devices (with the risk that this entails, of course). Of course, at the moment only for its two most recent models:

OPPO phones

The day after Google made the Android 11 beta official, OPPO was quick to confirm that its OPPO Find X2 series you will receive it soon. He has not specified which models of that family will join the betas program or the specific date on which they will do so (beyond “soon”), but presumably the two most advanced will be among them and probably also their Lite variants and Neo:

Realme phones

Another manufacturer that has shared its plans to bring Android 11 Beta with Realme UI to its flagship is Realme, which has confirmed that it will be available mid July:

Xiaomi phones

Both Xiaomi and its secondary brand POCO have announced next availability Android 11 beta for some of its models with global MIUI, but yes, without specifying dates, only with the message “See you soon”:

Vivo phones

The Chinese company Vivo and its secondary brand IQOO have already announced the availability of the beta for some of their models. Your upgrade program comprises two versions: The first has already been launched and the second will arrive in late July 2020 for the following terminals:

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