Android TV is becoming more and more popular, without haste but without pause, and with more and more television manufacturers adopting it as the operating system of their smart devices. The progress of the platform has been noticeably greater in recent months, with which everything helps to popularize and mature the system.

Until now, sending a video from our mobile phone to a television or device with Android TV was as simple as sharing it through Google Cast, but in the control of the video itself, things became somewhat more complex. Google prepares now a new bookstore, Cast Connect, to make the process more intuitive and natural.

Remote Playback in “Local Mode”

Right now, when we share a video from our mobile phone to a TV with Android TV, or to a stick or any other device with the same operating system, control remains in the “hands” of the phone itself. From it we can pause it, make it go back, speed it up, etc. The new Cast Connect library for Android TV proposes something different.

According to Google itself, which has developed a video and the necessary documentation for programmers to implement the new library, the videos shared with Google Cast on an Android TV now will not play in HTML5 window but its operation will be much more native.

The device with Android TV will handle the video remotely as if it had been loaded in the system itself, so we can control it directly from the Android TV. That is, we can control the videos shared by streaming with the remote itself, with a mouse or with any management interface that we have on the Android TV.

For this to work properly, developers have to adapt their apps to be able to operate with the new Cast Connect library, so maybe it will take a while for the entire park of video cast apps to Android TV to be completely adapted to the new operation. Patience.

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