We continue to discover more news about Android 11, whose final version will arrive in a few weeks. Now we know that the autocomplete will receive a major upgrade in the next major update to Google’s mobile operating system.

Since Android 8 Oreo, password managers are integrated into Android autocomplete, and in all these years it has hardly received any news so far. Android 11 will integrate autocompletion on the keyboard.

Autocomplete built into the keyboard

Android 11 Autocomplete

Until now, when we click on the username and password field, a drop-down appears with our accounts to access a service. This drop-down temporarily hides information on the screen that can be useful, and to avoid this now the password suggestions will appear integrated into the keyboard as we saw two months ago in Chrome. When clicking on the field to log in, our username and password will appear directly on the keyboard as a suggestion so that the text is filled in after a click.

Android 11 will allow Password managers integrate into Android IME keyboards. So now it’s the keyboard and manager developers to enable support for the new autocomplete suggestion bar. Already the keyboard Gboard and the latest beta of the 1Password manager already have this compatibility.

Android 11 Autocomplete

This means that to enjoy the new suggestion bar, you will not have to use the Google password manager or the Gboard keyboard. The most popular password managers and keyboards are expected to activate support for the release of Android 11, which is expected in the first half of September.

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