Google continues to add small improvements to Android Auto, after we learned yesterday that the compatibility of the wireless mode would be much greater with Android 11. The latest change is minor, but it will certainly be very welcome among users: shows the title of the song that is played when changing songs.

Although it may seem obvious, this small change is useful if you are using another application (for example, the maps), because the only way to know what is playing if you do not know the song, would be to switch from the application to the music player and then return. The title of the song is briefly displayed in the navigation bar Android Auto.

Another way to do the same

This little change replaces floating notification that appeared before with a slightly more subtle version and that is displayed at the bottom of the interface, integrated into the Android Auto navigation bar. Here’s an animation on how it looks, courtesy of Android Police:

This notification assumes that for a few seconds buttons to control playback are covered, until eight seconds pass and the window hides itself. However, if you tap on the song title, it is hidden and you can reuse the playback controls to pause or change tracks.

Apparently, Google has started to activate this change from the server side for some users, so it shouldn’t take long to show up on your car screen. It is not a major change, although it will help avoid blocking the screen with notifications every time the song is changed (in exchange for temporarily blocking the control buttons).

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