Glance Weather: all the possible information about the weather compressed in a single widget

Glance Weather is a new application that shows us a quite different weather widget. There are many weather widgets and applications, with different types of interpretation. Some are complete weather apps, and other sparse widgets that show us the weather of the day and the week.

At the midpoint is Glance Widget, an app that tries to show us, in the most natural way possible, the evolution of rain and wind throughout the day. It requires a certain learning curve, so we are going to tell you what it offers and why it is different from the others.

An app that tries to look like what you see out the window


When we open a weather app, it usually shows us if a certain day is going to rain or not. Some offer detailed hourly predictions once we click on the day, but not too many widgets that show this at a glance.

Glance Widget arrives to show exactly when it will rain, when it will be cloudy, when it will not and when it will be cloudy, all through a simple bar system.

  • If the sky is clear, it will come out blue
  • If it’s cloudy, it will come out gray
  • If it starts to rain it will be dark blue
  • If it rains, it will come out almost black

Basically, the app pretends that know what time it is going to do according to the color of the bars. If the sky is quite black during a period of time, you will know that it is going to rain heavily during those hours. If it’s gray, it will be cloudy.

The purpose of the app is to be able to see all the weather information in a single graph, including the hours when it will rain

In the same way, information about the wind is displayed in the form of a “puff”, a simple icon that lets us see at a glance how much wind it is going to make. Apart of this, current grades appear, as well as a small graph with the evolution over temperature.

The app is just a widget, so we cannot open it to expand this information. All the weather information at a glance, is the purpose of this curious app that has just landed on Google Play. It is completely free (at the moment) and does not have any advertising.

Glance Weather: hourly forecast widget

Glance Weather: hourly forecast widget



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