Google Maps continues to become more social: now with a new feed with your community publications

In the latter, Google Maps It has not stopped receiving social functions to feed its powerful community of users. For example, follow companies to be attentive to their news, O follow local guides to see their recommendations. Now Google goes one step further to make its map application a small social network.

Google Maps launches a new way of discovering everything that is happening around us. The application for mobile devices will activate in the coming days a new feed or wall that will show us useful publications.

The new Google Maps feed

The new Google Maps feed will appear in the tab To explore to show us updates and recommendations from reliable local sources related to the location we are currently viewing.

By sliding the lower panel that appears after clicking on “Display” we can consult the latest reviews, photos and posts posted on Google Maps by local experts, people we follow, or local merchants.

Google Maps Social

This feed created by Google Maps and fed by its community of users and companies adapts to our interests and tastes. We can find out if they have added a new dish in our favorite restaurant or discover new routes for hiking. In addition, we can give “Like” to the publications, but not reply.

In this way, with the new Google Maps feed we will be more connected with what is happening around us and with favorite sites so as not to miss any news, news or events. This novelty will be available worldwide in the coming days.

Maps - Navigation and public transport

Maps – Navigation and public transport

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