Since Google killed Android Beam last year with Android 10, its operating system already allows large files to be transferred at high speed between devices without having to resort to third-party applications, such as Google’s own Files explorer.

In recent months we know the Android team is working on its own alternative to AirDrop Apple under the name of Fast Share or Nearby Sharing, a function that Google has missed in a video for developers on Android 11.

Nearby Sharing

In a video explaining to developers how the new Android 11 conversation notifications work, a screenshot showing the new option in the share menu has escaped Google. Nearby (Close), with what it seems that the ‘Android AirDrop’ could arrive this year along with the new version of the mobile operating system.

As we see in the screenshot that appears on the cover and from the 35 second of the video, the ‘Nearby’ option will be shown next to the Copy option, and before showing the rest of the contacts and applications.

At the beginning of this year it was leaked how it would work. After clicking on ‘Nearby’ the list of devices that we have less than half a meter away would be displayed. This feature looks like it would work to share files between Android, iOS devices, WearOS watches and Chromebooks.

The ‘Google AirDrop’ is expected to debut with Android 11 but it is not ruled out that it will also reach Android 11 and earlier versions through an update of Google Play Services.

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