Headphone jack not working? Here are 5 possible fixes

Find yourself during a situation wherever your headphone jack isn’t working? problems with the earphone jack on smartphones aren’t as uncommon as you’ll suppose. It happens to many users and may be extraordinarily frustrating, particularly for those that often hear music, and so on.

This post will guide you through five fixes that will, hopefully, solve the problem you are experiencing. Without any further delay, let’s get started.

Headphone jack

1. Confirm your headphones aren’t broken

The first step is a noticeable one. It’s quite potential that there’s truly nothing wrong with the headphone jack which the headphones area unit the problem. you’ll check this out quickly simply by plugging them into another device. This doesn’t essentially have to be a smartphone. A laptop, TV, or the other device that has the 3.5 mm jack on board can do.

If you can’t hear any audio once mistreatment your headphones with a unique device, you’ve found the supply of the matter. simply replace your headphones and you’re smart to travel. If they’re operating fine with a unique device, one thing else is responsible. Time to do out one in all the opposite fixes listed below.

We also suggest plugging a unique try of headphones into your smartphone before moving forward. though it’s rare, there’s still an opportunity that your original try isn’t compatible along with your smartphone, though they work with different devices.


2. Check to see if the smartphone is connected to a different device via Bluetooth

If your phone is paired with wireless headphones, a speaker, or the other device via Bluetooth, it’s possible that the headphone jack is disabled. Normally, after you plug in your headphones, the smartphone ought to acknowledge them and everything ought to work as intended no matter the Bluetooth settings. However, this isn’t essentially perpetually the case.

It’s a fast and easy fix, as all you have got to do is open up the settings menu on your device, find the Bluetooth option, and check to see if it’s on. in this case, the smartphone is probably going paired with one among the other devices you have got in your house. If that’s the problem, simply turn it off, plug in your headphones, and see if that solves it. If they still don’t work, you must move on to the next solution on this list.

Headphone jack


3. Clean the headphone jack

As you’ll imagine, a lot of dust, still as lint, will create its way into the headphone jack over time. This simply can be the reason for the problem, because the dirt will really block the connection between the headphones and the jack.

The first thing you must do is simply take a look into the jack to see just how dirty it really is. A flashlight might are available handy for this. the next step is to try and clean it and hope that that solves the difficulty. There are tons of various ways to do this, a number of which work better than others. One choice is simply to blow into the headphone jack, that ought to a lookout of a minimum of the variety of the dirt and lint that’s found within. you will conjointly use a can of compressed gas if you have one near.

A great selection is to use a cotton swab. Push it into the jack and swirl it around slightly bit to urge the dirt and lint out. Be terribly careful once you do that because the final thing you wish to try and do is cause any longer damage to the device. you’ll also damp the cotton swab with lotion, however simply confirm you don’t use too much of it.

After you’re done, investigate the headphone jack once more to ascertain simply what proportion dust and lint you were able to get out. If things look higher, plug in your headphones to check if everything works because it ought to currently.


4. Check audio settings and restart the device


There’s also an opportunity the matter isn’t with the jack or the headphones you’re using, however, must do with the audio settings of the device. If this can be the case, you’ll be able to kind it moves into no time. simply open up the audio settings on your device and check the amount level further as any others settings which may mute the sound.

Normally, there aren’t a lot of settings like these on a smartphone, therefore you ought to realize the matter more or less directly. If there’s one, that is.

If everything looks to be so as there’s another easy fix you’ll strive that is restarting your device. this can generally solve many totally different smartphone-related issues and takes not up to a minute to try and do. simply press and hold the ability button, choose the restart possibility, watch for the device to show back on once more, so check to see if the problem still persists.

Headphone jack


5. Time to call the repairman

If none of the fixes listed above work, it means the problem isn’t quite as minor as hoped. If your device is still underneath warranty, the simplest thing to try and do is just contact the merchant or manufacturer, justify the problem, and send it certain repair or replacement. this could take quite your time in some cases, but at least it’s free.

In case the warrant has expired however you are doing have phone insurance, simply build a claim with your supplier.

The third answer is certainly the worst one, that is to urge the device repaired by the manufacturer or somebody else who knows what he or she is doing. You’ll get to open up your notecase and ante up to urge it fixed, but at least you’ll be able to use the headphone jack again. Otherwise, you may simply want a try of wireless Bluetooth headphones, which can also solve the matter. Well, sort of.

These are a number of the fixes that we hope can assist you to pay attention of a faulty headphone jack on your smartphone. If you think we’ve lost any, do allow us to understand in the comments. also be happy to share that of the solutions listed higher than — if any — worked best for you.

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