Android 11 Beta is here, after four previews (alpha) and several weeks of delay Google has finally released the first beta update of the next update of its mobile operating system.

As usual, the first devices to receive Android 11 Beta are Google’s own devices, so the Pixel 2, Pixel 3, Pixel 3a and Pixel 4 You can now update to this version still in development in a simple and fast way.

Android 11 Beta Program

Android Beta

To update to Android 11, you no longer have to unlock the bootloader or need a PC. Now through the website we can register our Pixel device to receive the OTA update.

For this we just have to go to the section Devices suitable for the program and click on Take part from the device we want to receive the Android 11 Beta OTA. We accept the conditions of the Beta Program and confirm that we want to participate.

After completing these steps, we just have to turn on our Pixel and go to Settings> System> Advanced settings> System updates and check that the update has arrived. It usually takes a few minutes but Google reports that it can take up to 24 hours. Being an OTA they will not erase the current data of the applications.

To return to Android 10 we have to follow the same steps and click on Stop participating. We will get an OTA that will factory reset our Pixel with Android 10, erasing all the data.

If you already had Android 11 Developer Preview

If you updated your Pixel months ago to Android 11 Developer Preview you will not have to do anything, you will already be participating in the Android 11 Beta. You will have to check from Settings> System> Advanced settings> System updates if we already have the update available.

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