After four Developer Previews, Google launched the first public beta of Android 11 yesterday, with many new features but an important absence: it is compatible only with Google Pixel 2 or higher devices. This limitation however will not last long, OPPO has announced that OPPO Find X2 series will receive Android 11 beta 1 soon.

OPPO has not specified which OPPO Find X2 terminals exactly or when they will join the beta program (beyond “soon”), but it could well be the first to get on the betas program beyond Google, as opposed to last year, when Android 10 beta launched for 13 devices.

A somewhat lonely beta program

Compare the launch of Android 11 with that of Android 10 It is somewhat complicated for two reasons. First, this year 2020 is being anything but ordinary, so Google’s plans regarding Android 11 have been delayed on several occasions. Also, the calendar and betas of Android 11 does not exactly match that of Android 10.

On Android 10, Google planned four developer betas, the last one in June and two candidate versions before launch, in the third quarter. In Android 11, Google has released four Developer Previews, and they await us three beta versions, the first of them already available to users of a Google Pixel 2 or higher.

Betas Above, the betas of Android 10. Below, those of Android 11.

In 2019, the third Developer Preview of Android 10 was released for 15 devices in addition to the Google Pixel, while the four Developer Preview and the first beta of Android 11 still without leaving the Google house.

It is a regression with respect to last year, which presented us with a future in which the Treble Project would make this type of beta program stop being exclusive to Google. At the moment, everything seems to be the same or even worse than last year, although at least we have news of the first brand outside of Google to join the beta program.

The Android 11 beta program will therefore have at least one other member beyond Google’s own terminals. The chosen ones will be the OPPO Find X2, and it should not take long to join, because the brand talks about Android 11 Beta 1, and beta 2 is expected in July.

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