Xiaomi already let us play with the filters to exchange skies when MIUI 11 landed. The eleventh version of the proprietary layer of the Chinese manufacturer introduced changes in its gallery and with them came the edition of skies, which has continued to evolve to this day on board, of course, MIUI 12, the latest version of the cape until further notice.

Thus, with MIUI 12 circulating on several phones of the brand, the layer continues to advance in its Beta version and from it we get the latest iteration of its gallery app. Specifically, we refer to the MIUI Gallery app, which has been extracted in the form of .apk, hosted in APKMirror and made available to any user who wants to install and test it.

In beta phase but with a very fine operation


The original photograph, taken with a Xiaomi Mi 9

As we have told you, it is now possible to have the latest version of the MIUI 12 gallery on your Xiaomi phone, and for this you only need to download the .apk file and install it on your smartphone. So you can anticipate the arrival of the final version once it is released or even enjoy it if your phone is not going to be updated to MIUI 12 due to its date of manufacture and sale.

Keep in mind that we are talking about a version of the gallery app that It belongs to MIUI 12 beta so you may experience an error during use. We have tested it on a Xiaomi Mi 9 with MIUI 12 official and we have not experienced errors, but it never hurts to warn. The sky replacement filters have worked perfectly except for errors, or what we believe are errors, typical of the software.

For example, we have found that although the app is able to identify the sky in the image without problems in the first instance, if we apply a very aggressive filter Like the one that turns the sky during the day into the darkest night, then it does not allow us to apply more filters since it is not able to find the sky itself among so much darkness. Perhaps the logical thing would be to save that information to apply more future filters or to use the original image again, but it does not. Be that as it may, we leave you some examples of what we have done with it and the steps to install it.




How to install the MIUI Gallery apk

As we have mentioned before, installing the app in beta is as simple as going to APKMirror and from there downloading the file. Then we simply authorize the browser to install applications and continue until the Gallery app of our Xiaomi phone is updated. The steps are the following:

  • We go to this link from the browser.

  • We take the necessary steps to download the .apk file.

  • We install it giving the necessary permissions to the browser, if we did not have it previously authorized.
  • We open the gallery already installed.
  • We are looking for a photograph have parts of heaven or we make a new one.
  • We press the Edit at the bottom and then click on Sky to start playing with the skies of photography.

  • Once we have the one we want, just press the Save or save and the Gallery app will create a modified copy of the photo on our phone, without altering the original.

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