Opera has announced a new web browser, or rather, its first “web3 browser” that will give us access to that “third generation” of the Internet based on blockchain prepared for the cryptocurrencies, NFTs Y decentralized applications (dApps).

The Opera’s new Web3 initiative comes to Windows, Mac and Android with a public beta that we can now download on our mobile devices through early access to the new Opera Crypto Browser.

This is Opera Crypto Browser

Opera Crypto Browser

With Opera Crypto Browser we are before a browser Chromium-based but focused on that “web3” and that blockchain community that just time is bigger. Already in 2018 they added a cryptocurrency wallet in their Opera browser but now they are going one step further.

Opera wants with its new browser to facilitate access to cryptographic activity, in addition to offering the highest security, and in Opera Crypto Browser everything revolves on the blockchain.

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In Opera Crypto Browser we found one native non-custodial crypto wallet and secure clipboard that will allow us to add our wallet to buy cryptocurrencies, send, receive or exchange cryptocurrencies with other wallets.

Opera Crypto Browser

In the browser part we are before Opera with tabbed browsing, access to history, downloads, desktop website and settings. In the settings of Opera Crypto Browser we can activate the ad blocking, your dark website theme or set up our cryptocurrency wallet.

In its interface we find a lower navigation bar that gives us access to the briefcase of cryptocurrencies, to Web navigator, at notifications already the settings. In the notifications section we will see the recent transactions, price alerts and other types of notifications.

The most important thing about the browser is inside it, where it is ready to be used in a Much more decentralized Web3 where the cryptocurrencies and the blockchains will play a key role in the future.

Crypto Browser (early access)

Crypto Browser (early access)

  • Price: For free
  • Developer: Opera
  • Category: Communication
  • Download it at: Google Play

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