PowerPoint Presenter Coach comes to Android, a tool that helps you speak in public

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PowerPoint Presenter Coach comes to Android a tool that helps

Microsoft continues to improve its office suite for the Android ecosystem. After bringing Word, Excel and PowerPoint together in a single application with Microsoft Office, he now launches a tool that wants to help us improve our public presentations.

PowerPoint Presenter Coach is a virtual preparer premiered last fall in PowerPoint web and now reaches Android PowerPoint and Office applications, but only for Microsoft 365 subscribers.

This is PowerPoint Presenter Coach

PowerPoint Presenter Coach is a feature that uses artificial intelligence to help us improve and hone our public speaking skills. This tool will provide us On-screen guidance on rhythm, use of inclusive language, or profanity, noting the use of filler words and culturally insensitive phrases.

At the end of the session, Presenter Coach will show us a detailed report with statistics and tips to improve our presentation, to make it more enjoyable and to use other words or expressions to make it more inclusive and politically correct.

PowerPoint Presenter Coach is integrated into PowerPoint for Android and Office for Android. In iOS this feature will come soon. To use Presenter Coach you will have to open a presentation and press the action menu and tap on the option to rehearse with the coach. Microsoft has not detailed the list of supported languages.

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