Qualcomm has updated its repertoire of 5G modems for high-end phones. Yesterday we witnessed the arrival of the Snapdragon X65, the chip destined to offer up to 10Gbps of download speed for the future premium line processors of the firm, and along with it also came the Snapdragon X62, geared for a notch just below.

Like the Snapdragon X65, the new X62 arrives built with 4 nanometer technology but will be geared towards somewhat less powerful chips. If his older brother will be chosen for the 800 series of the North Americans, it would be logical that the new Snapdragon X62 arrives in the most powerful chips in the 700 series. Perhaps aboard the replacement for the Snapdragon 768 that currently leads its series.

3GPP Release 16 and up to 4.4Gbps download

Snapdragon X62

As we said, the new Snapdragon X62 is paired with the Snapdragon X65 at the forefront of Qualcomm’s 5G modem catalog, although focused on 700 series processors. They share characteristics, however, such as the construction with 4-nanometer technology and how the native support for 3GPP Release 16, the jump to the ‘phase 2 of 5G’.

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The new Snapdragon X62 promises to reach maximum download speeds located between 4.4Gbps and 4.6Gbps, mainly thanks to the use of the 5G band n259, the one located in the 41GHz frequency, although it is also compatible with the n70 and n53 bands. In addition, it is compatible with carrier aggregation in the sub-6GHz frequencies and the millimeter wave or mmWave frequencies, where it can use up to 400MHz of bandwidth (four channels).

El Snapdragon X62 Supports two SIM cards connected at the same time and also supports 4G frequencies. It incorporates the company’s PowerSave 2.0 technology, thus allowing more economical connections at the energy level, and it also has Wideband Envelope Tracking and AI-Enhanced Signal Boost. The latter is basically artificial intelligence at the service of a better search, management and enhancement of the connection frequencies available in the coverage areas.

Snapdragon X62

Qualcomm It has not set a date of arrival to the market of its new Snapdragon X62, nor did he put it for the arrival of the Snapdragon X65, although the latter is not expected until December on board the replacement for the Snapdragon 888 launched about two months ago. We will wait for North Americans to refresh their 700 family of processors to see if they already host this new creation that should take the company’s 5G to a new level.

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