There are few concepts more mysterious in Android phones than secret codes: phone numbers that do not call anyone, but rather they open special menus. These codes are mainly for the use of the technical service or to obtain useful specific data, such as the IMEI of a mobile phone.

With a few exceptions that manufacturers agree on, each brand has its own secret codes and they frequently change from one version to another and even from one model to another. Here we will talk about the secret codes available in recent Huawei phones and everything you can do with them.

Project Menu


Project Menu is Huawei’s most prominent secret menu, hidden behind quite long and hard-to-remember code. Inside there are six sections that mix information with changes in some settings. The code that you must write in the phone application is the following:


Background Mode It is the first section that you will find in this menu. Here are three subsections with configurations for diagnosing and solving problems with the mobile. On Background Debug Y AP LOG Settings you can turn on internal logging to debug errors, while in USB Port Settings you can choose the standard behavior of the USB port (HiSuite, default or factory).


Veneer Informations It is something like the “chassis number” of the mobile. It is a kind of hypervitaminized version of the system information, breaking down the versions and subversions of practically all the components of the mobile. It is subdivided into three categories: Version info, Manufacture Info Y Other Info.


Network Information Query is the place to go to get more information about your mobile networks. It is subdivided into PLMN Info (PLMN is a code that combines MCC and MNC), as well as SIM Lock Info, where you can know if your mobile is locked to work only with the SIMs of a specific operator.

Another interesting section, especially if you have bought the mobile phone abroad, is Vendor Country Info. There you are shown for which region this mobile was manufactured. Keep in mind that the text can be somewhat abstract, as in the following screenshot: hw / spcseas it’s Asia, and hw / me it is europe.


Software Upgrade is the next section, used to install system or application updates. It is a mode designed so that the technical service can make repairs and updates of the system and applications on the mobile, when there are problems to carry them out by the traditional method.

Take it

Restore Factory is the next menu. As its name indicates, it will restore the mobile phone from the factory, although for this it first forces you to deactivate any type of protection in the mobile lock. Keep in mind that these hidden menus do not have to have as many protections (that is, ask you for confirmation) as traditional menus, so be especially careful with it.

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The last menu is Battery Charge, intended to show you some additional information about the battery and its charge. A QR code is included with the battery serial number, current charge level, and battery temperature. The state of charge is also indicated above.


Unfortunately this battery information does not go as far as other brands and the number of charge cycles is not included. They are after all menus designed for internal use by the technical service.

About of the phone


In this case it is not so much a secret menu, but rather a shortcut. If you need to know the IMEI, serial number, model or other details of your Huawei mobile quickly, one way to do it is with the following code. When writing it, the section opens directly About of the phone from the Android settings.


Calendar information

Calendar information

This other code is wildly specific, showing you information about the different calendars that are synchronized on the mobile. The information, of course, is limited to indicating how many events are registered in each calendar.


FCM diagnostics


FCM is the acronym for Firebase Cloud Messaging, a system to send messages and push notifications to the mobile so that you can, for example, receive new messages in an app like WhatsApp or Telegram. This section shows you information about these types of notifications, as well as the latest messages that have been received.


See the IMEI


It’s a classic, but we couldn’t forget probably the least secret secret code: the code to see the mobile IMEI. On Huawei phones, it is displayed along with other data including MEID, PESN, IMEI of each SIM and the mobile serial number.


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