So you can ask the Google Assistant to read you the news, articles or posts on the web pages

Last march Google announced that your Assistant would be able to read web pages, and after about eight months of waiting the moment has finally arrived. The Google Assistant is now able to read aloud in Spanish.

Now we can ask the Google Assistant to read us the news, articles, stories and posts of the web pages, either in their original language or in our language, and that is you can also read the translate. We tell you how.

Ok Google, léelo

Google Assistant Read

To do this we just have to invoke the new voice command ““Ok Google, léelo” or “Ok Google, read” for the Assistant convert the texts of the web pages into audio content to listen to the news or article as if it were a podcast.

The Assistant will activate the “Read it” player to read the text aloud to us. There we can pause, advance or rewind the playback, either using the playback bar or the shortcuts to go back 10 seconds or advance 30 seconds, and we can also change playback speed to slow down the read speed between 0.5x and 3x. By default, the Wizard will mark the text you are currently reading in blue.

Finally, in the options menu we can change the reading voice, deactivate the text synchronization or activate translation. In this last option we can ask the Assistant to read the news of other languages ​​in Spanish.


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