Download SuperVPN for PC Windows 10/7/8 Laptop

Download SuperVPN for PC Windows 1078 Laptop
Download SuperVPN for PC Windows 1078 Laptop

The SuperVPN app is currently gaining popularity due to its free offering on Android mobile devices. Free unlimited bandwidth and free unlimited free trial time. And as this has turned out to be the real deal by many users, it is only fitting that the app is ported to the Windows platform as well. In this article, Android Nox will guide you on how to get SuperVPN for Windows PC and Laptop.


SuperVPN is a VPN tool to keep your online activities safe and secure. This creates a tunnel that makes tracking your online presence difficult, if not impossible. It’s best for people who use online financial accounts. This is also very useful if you have sensitive files and information on your device and want them to be safe.

Now, if you want these benefits for your Windows PC, we can help. We guide you on how to download and install SuperVPN for PC in these easy steps.

Download SuperVPN

Last nameSuperVPN 2.6.7
Cut8.2 MB
RequirementWindows 7/8 / 8.1 / 10

How to download and install SuperVPN for PC

In case you didn’t know yet, SuperVPN hasn’t developed an official version of Windows. This means that in order for us to be able to install SuperVPN for PC, we will need to use an Android emulator like Nox app player.

  • The first thing to do is get or download the Nox from the download button below and the SuperVPN APK file from above.
  • Nox installer is around 400MB as a file, so it probably takes longer to download if you have a slow internet connection. But you can use a Download Internet Manager to speed up your download up to 5 times.
  • Once the download is complete, start with the Nox installer by double clicking on the file.
  • The installation should ask for confirmation. You should be able to figure out what it takes. You will mainly click on the Okay button.
  • After installation, find the desktop icon and double click to launch application emulator.
  • As this is the first time you open the Nox app, you will be asked to sign in to your Google account. This is necessary to access all your Google based apps, especially the Google Play Store.
  • When you have completed the account verification, you should be directed to the main interface of Nox.
  • Exit on Nox running in the background for now and don’t close it. Now go to the SuperVPN APK that you downloaded earlier.
  • Drag the APK file onto the main interface of Nox. This should automatically install the APK file.
  • After a few seconds, the SuperVPN icon will appear and you are now ready to use it as you wish.

Important reminder:

Download only from SuperVPN app will DO NOT run on Windows PC. You should read the full instructions on how to properly install the file on any Windows machine.

Features of SuperVPN

Here are some of the reasons SuperVPN has become the most popular and trusted VPN on mobile tools. You should find that this app contains almost everything you will need from a VPN tool.

  • It has one of the most sophisticated and secure privacy protection features to date.
  • It gives you easy access to all geographically limited websites.
  • No need to manually access settings or make changes to the app. Just launch and click to activate the VPN.
  • Free use for 20 days with unlimited bandwidth and unlimited Internet (internet speed depends on location and ISP resource).
  • After 20 days, you will still have unlimited bandwidth but with a restriction of 60 minutes per session. You just have to restart the session to save another 60 minutes. This means that you can have unlimited sessions every day.
  • It gives you ease of access by giving you only one button to activate the VPN.
  • No need to root your device. Everything is done through the app and instantly affects the entire device.
  • Hundreds of servers using the fastest of all.
  • Perhaps the most secure and reliable VPN service in the mobile department.

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In conclusion

There may be many VPN tools available online, but SuperVPN is still considered one of the best choices. Although some free VPN tools offer a free service, they provide it with low internet speed and limited bandwidth. SuperVPN for PC does the opposite.

This app has a big limitation, but it shouldn’t be such a big deal after all. Keep in mind that all you really need is protection of your privacy, decent internet speed, and unlimited bandwidth. These are just the things you really need.

For those of you who are already familiar with the SuperVPN app, how was your experience using all of its features? Tell us from your personal perspective. We would like to know more about this promising application.


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