June 24. The date on which the video calls appeared for the first time in the Telegram app, although only in its version for the iPhone and for iOS in general. The increasingly popular messaging service for mobile and desktop systems lagged behind its rivals in this regard, but Durov’s team got down to business and video calls came to the app.

The Telegram beta for iOS, in its version 6.3, was in charge of making the new feature available to its test users and now the step has been taken by the Android ecosystem. This time, it is version 7.0 of Telegram for Android that already hosts video calls within it and anyone who is part of the beta program of the app can already try them.

Android version 7.0 Beta for Android

As we said, Telegram video calls were already in the beta of iOS in its version 6.3 and finally they land on Android. Not in the version available to all users but, again, in its beta program. We will have to get version 7.0 to be able to test them or, simply, wait for the tests to conclude and the platform decides to release them definitively for all its users.

At the moment Telegram video calls on Android they are identical to those of iOS, only between two people and no group video chats, so its arrival does not mean improvements in the service but only expansion in terms of its operating system.

Having the beta version of Telegram on Android is not a complicated process, on the other hand, in case you are interested in trying them. Just go to the App Center page, Microsoft’s apks repository, and download version 7.0 from there. Install it authorizing the proper permissions and that’s it. Of course, we will not have automatic updates like the betas that pass through Google Play.

Via | Android Police

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