Year after year, WhatsApp calls are taking over the traditional ones, so it is increasingly important to have a mobile that is compatible with WhatsApp so as not to be cut off. This also includes old people, which have their own requirements for the functions and features they need.

Although WhatsApp is available on other simple mobiles with KaiOS, the advantage of Android is that it can be modified to adapt it to the needs of the elderly. In this list, we bring you simple, cheap mobiles with WhatsApp for the elderly.

TTfone Titan


The TTfone Titan looks like a feature phone, but it actually runs on a heavily modified version of Android, with very large buttons for the main functions. Is included WhatsApp, with support for calls and video calls.

It is a shell-type mobile with an old-fashioned T-9 keyboard, which includes shortcuts to open the camera or frequent contacts: it is therefore not very suitable for chatting. The mobile has on the back a SOS button which sends the location and calls the contacts that have been configured.

TTfone Titan TT950 Whatsapp 3G Senior Big Button Flip Touch Screen Mobile Phone: Easy and Easy to Use

TTfone Titan TT950 Whatsapp 3G Touch Screen Senior Big Button Flip Mobile Phone: Easy and Easy to Use

Doro 8050


Another Android mobile specially designed for older people is the Doro 8050, although this time we have a terminal with a much more normal design, although better adapted from the factory than normal mobiles. To get started, the launcher is much simpler and with larger buttons.

Google Play is included, so you can download WhatsApp and other applications. Pre-installed is the Google Assistant, YouTube and the rest of the applications. Its creators stand out the sound volume, and an emergency button is included behind to quickly alert established contacts in advance.

Doro 8050 (Gray)

Alcatel 1B


Leaving the field of specific mobiles for the elderly and entering that of ordinary, cheap mobiles, and with WhatsApp, the Alcatel 1B fits perfectly in the description, with a old-fashioned design, Android Go and a 3,000 mAh battery that should give enough of itself (according to its creators, up to 16 hours of conversation).

The Alcatel 1B mounts Android Go, which is a straightforward version of Android itself, with a handful of apps pre-installed. There are no specific functions for seniors, although the mobile has a dedicated button to open the Google Assistant which can be useful for doing some functions (like calling someone) with your voice.

Alcatel 5002D 1B - Smartphone with 5.5

Alcatel 5002D 1B – Smartphone with 5.5 “screen – 2GB RAM and 16GB Memory and expandable MicroSD – 8MP front 5MP rear camera – Green

Samsung Galaxy A10


The Samsung Galaxy A10 is one of the cheapest Samsung phones, offering a normal Android experience (that is, without Android Go) and therefore more useful for those looking for a simple mobile, but with more possibilities. It is relatively large, with a 6.2 inch screen, so it is a good option for the elderly who like to watch videos on their mobile.

Samsung mobiles have their own Simple mode, which simplifies the interface of the home screen, text size and settings, turning the Galaxy A10 into a standard mobile phone with the touch of a button that is better adapted to the needs of the elderly.

Samsung Galaxy A10 - 6.2

Samsung Galaxy A10 – Smartphone 6.2 “HD Infinity (32 GB, Dual-SIM, 3400 mAh), Color Black [Versión española]

Xiaomi Mi A3


The Xiaomi Mi A3 is one of the best-selling mobiles of last year, its main drawback being that it did not have a screen with Full HD + resolution, something that generally will not be of much relevance to older people. In practice, the Xiaomi Mi A3 is a good, nice and cheap mobile in which you can use WhatsApp and much more.

With Snapdragon 665 and 4GB of RAM, it will go smoother performance than other terminals from this list and, although it includes pure Android, which does not have a safe mode per se, you will be able to access all Google accessibility tools, such as Google Voice Access or emergency contacts.

Xiaomi Mi A3 - Smartphone 6.09

Xiaomi Mi A3 – Smartphone 6.09 “AMOLED Dot Drop (4GB RAM, 128GB, 48MP main camera, 4G dual SIM) color Gray

Xiaomi Redmi 9a


From the same house, but very different, is the Xiaomi Redmi 9A, the most recent model on the list and one of the cheapest from Xiaomi. Unlike the Xiaomi Mi A3, the Redmi 9A has MIUI 12 on Android 10, which means that you can activate Lite Mode or simple mode, which simplifies the interface.

The Redmi 9a is an ordinary mobile phone, with a 6.53-inch screen and a 5,000 mAh battery that should give enough of itself. In it you can install WhatsApp or practically any recent application.

Xiaomi Redmi 9A - Smartphone 32GB, 2GB RAM, Dual Sim, Granite Gray

Xiaomi Redmi 9A – Smartphone 32GB, 2GB RAM, Dual Sim, Granite Gray

Huawei Y5 2019


As in MIUI, Xiaomi’s customization layer, in EMUI, Huawei’s, is included Simple Mode, which simplifies the interface and makes the icons and texts larger, adapting it better for the elderly.

The Huawei Y5 2019 is an ordinary mobile from Huawei’s pre-veto era, so it has Google Play, Google applications and WhatsApp can be installed without problems. There is nothing written about tastes, but the version with the pseudo-leather back may be to the taste of some of our elders.

Huawei Y5 2019, 5.71

Huawei Y5 2019, 5.71 “Smartphone (2 GB RAM, 16 GB Memory, Dual Nano, 3020 mAh, 13 MP Camera), Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n, Bluetooth 5.0, Android, Black

LG K30


We finish our list with another home mobile capable of running WhatsApp and other normal applications, the LG K30. It is one of the cheapest LG mobiles, compact in size and with a 5.45-inch screen.

As with the Android layers of Samsung, Xiaomi and Huawei, LG includes its own simple mode to modify the interface with larger buttons for the main functions and make their use easier.

LG K30 (2019) 16GB / 2GB Dual Sim Aurora Black

LG K30 (2019) 16GB / 2GB Dual Sim Aurora Black

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